• daveintheuk

    This sounds awfully like Google serving up other people’s content up as if it were their own. I guess it is the next logical progression for the web’s biggest leach.

  • Durant Imboden

    According to the post above, “the feature lets you [the mobile searcher] load a page from the source web site in a quicker method.”

    Note the reference to “from the source Web site.”

    It sounds like Google is just trying to make it easier for smartphone users to reach smartphone-optimized Web pages when such pages exist, and when Google’s SERP isn’t directing the smartphone searchers to such pages by default.

  • http://www.feldmancreative.com/ Barry Feldman

    Treating smart phones differently? Smart.

  • http://twitter.com/YoungbloodJoe Joe Youngblood

    yeah, I asked 2 years ago why Google doesn’t have a separate algo for Mobile only queries. I hate trying to load a non-mobile site on my phone just to watch the 4G back down to 2G as I realize the page will take forever to load and then backing up into search for the next website down.

    I don’t think quickview is the answer, because it’s not intuitive to the user, as we can see by our own community not clearly understanding what the heck it is.

  • rugbyman

    Haven’t you heard about Google Mobilizer? http://www.google.com/gwt/x