• http://www.syscomminternational.com syscomm

    I’m wondering what’s the cause. Is it the legal issues that google had to fight with lately? or people are actually not satisfied with Google anymore?

  • Darkhuntress

    Well I wouldn’t call the presses just yet. After all its only a 1% decrease.

    The other guys have a LONG way to go to be a threat to Google.


  • maxh

    That’s just a measure of traffic to those 4 domains. What’s the actual picture like?

    i.e. ALL of their domains, and plugins on other websites. A proper analysis needs to include # of searches through chrome browser etc…

    I would say that this figures show that google search has just become better integrated to other websites and plugins (mozilla search etc..) and I would imagine that for global search Google DOMINATES the other engines.

  • Matt McGee

    Darkhuntress – did you read the last sentence of the article? I agree with you.