• http://twitter.com/Eloi_Casali Eloi Casali

    Google is monetizing YouTube… At the cost of PPC Campaigns:
    Search Network ads are now being presented in the YouTube Search results pages. Everyone knows that Youtube users don’t like outclicking (which is why they have problems monetizing) because of the nature of the site – you are there to watch a funny video or a music clip, not to buy a product… commercial intent on YouTube is therefore substantially lower than on ANY search engine.

    Furthermore, the click rate is terrible, and that affects every paid search marketer’s campaign as it comes under the Search network, and therefore affects everyone’s Quality Score… Immagine this loss in CTR (and therfore QS) amounts to even the slightest, +0.1$ per month per adwords account. I don’t have the number of adwords accoutn available, but that would amount to a huge sum of money.

    If AdWords gave the possibility to exclude certain ‘search’ partners then it would be fine, but at the moment google does not offer this ability fo fear that people will exclude search partners