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    GOOG’s error: for *street* view, GOOG should not have *recorded* the unencrypted transmissions. Period. Beyond the scope of the task at hand. Out of bounds. That simple.

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    Danny, you seem to be implying that there is some element of personal responsibility failure in Google’s data collection activities. How dare you!?! Don’t you know that individuals are not responsible for using wireless in a reasonably secure manner? For example, I like to leave my routers wide open so that my neighbors can use my connection, if they are having problems with their own. Are you saying that this form of community-spiritedness might be exposing me to some kinds of abuse? Does this mean that I can no longer trust random strangers on the street to use my wi-fi connection without compromising my own safety? Outrageous!! The end of innocence!!

    Seriously, I fully agree with your take. Street View cars captured snippets of useless information for some purpose … my personal guess is to help in identifying the nature of the open connection (house or coffee shop?), but regardless, there is little chance that such data could be used for any purpose, let alone for evil.

    People: Secure your wireless routers! It takes less than 5 minutes, you only have to do it once, and your neighbors can get their own. Sorry, but it’s in your ISP contract.

    I work for a law firm (tech only) where I see clients come through that have had their unsecured wireless routers used against them by child-porn-downloading neighbors. As far as the law goes, YOU downloaded the porn, because the data trail stopped at your router … not at your neighbor’s computer. Your router probably doesn’t even store which computer got which DHCP allocation at that particular moment in time, so YOU are the one who gets their computers confiscated and your pockets picked clean by the defense lawyers … not your neighbor. Sure, they won’t find anything, but YOU will be spending time in court proving it, and YOU will be explaining to all of your relatives why they saw your house on Dateline. Don’t kid yourself … I see this at least once per month.