• http://www.hadeninteractive.com Rebecca Haden

    I hope readers realize that autosuggest is not created by Google staff reading the search strings and making suggestions.

  • http://jobappplus.com/ Alex Miklin

    “why is detroit so….”

  • Sean Grady

    bad at football?

  • http://touch.st/ Touch.

    This autocomplete says it all:

  • http://www.cnn.com Sara Joyce

    Dear Caitlin don’t worry too much if Google is in trouble in this case, you really no need to worry about. UK is a democratic country and allows every one to practice their ethics. I read a lot about even Islam and there is nothing any racism concepts in it besides some different ideological practices but the way of life is same. Islam came from the root word Salm which means peace. I hope you will not mind to change your mind now!

  • Tom Roberts

    Daily Mail accusing Google of racism?

    Pot, kettle, black, anyone?

  • daveintheuk

    “Why is Google autocomplete … ” suggests “racist” – obviously a lot of users want to know. No answer box/stolen content at the top of SERPs though.

  • veselypaul

    It’s society making the searches that is racist. Lets beat the problem at the source and change mindsets as opposed to going after the outcome on Google autocomplete

  • Gagool

    That’s a seriously flawed argument.

    Just because society is the way it is doesn’t mean you are not responsible for YOUR OWN communications.

    Autocomplete is not a spontaneous social phenomenon. It’s not something inevitably arising from the fact that searches are made.

    It is a service specifically built to feed on searches by the company operating the search engine.

    Now this company is regularly using some of the most disingenuous excuses imaginable when it tries to hide behind defense like ‘it’s not us, it’s the algorithm’ or ‘it’s not us, it’s the people who use our services’.

    The thing in common? It’s not us. Nothing ever is Google’s fault or responsibility.

    Let’s say someone walks around town and records what people say in the streets. Then he goes to a studio and edits the stuff into a radio show, transcribes it for a newspaper article or makes a blog post out of it.

    Is it OK for that radio station or newspaper or blog to publish a limitless amount of obscenity, racism, defamation etc. just because it was ‘society’ and the ‘man on the street’ that produced it?

    Autocomplete does not grow in the wild around Mountain View. Nor is it some PASSIVE mirror of us, regardless of what the author of this article suggests.

    It is created by Google which is coding it, operating it, owning it – but usually not bothering to clean the filth accumulating in it until it grows into a PR problem or a legal case.

  • http://www.hadeninteractive.com Rebecca Haden

    :-) Since I teach research skills, I know that some people have funny ideas about where autosuggestions come from.
    I actually was able to get a few negative autosuggestions for the state I live in, but we’re too rural for individual towns to have collected any stereotypes. As for Bradford, this is what I got as an autosuggest: “why is bradford so outraged by thomas morton?” I guess you have to be in the right place at the right time.

  • http://www.mediaheroesbrisbane.com.au/ Christopher West

    Very interesting to read about this. I have read tales of people trying to ‘game’ the auto suggest with little to no success. Good to know there is a legal avenue should one be inclined to go that route.