• JustinKofron

    Barry thanks for the update. I am glad Jade is actually letting people know what is happening. hopefully this will eliminate some of the “banging your head against the Google Local Wall.”

  • Ashley Mason

    Thanks for the post. What happens to listings that are set up by multiple offices in the same building. Does this cause a problem for those that occupy the same address? I.e. business offices or industrial units.

  • Mike Weaver

    Great question. The company I work for actually has 4 companies under its umbrella. So, we have 4 listings, each with a different business name, registered at the same address.

  • http://www.wsismartsolutions.com Thomas Petty

    Hm, I wonder if that’s why suddenly there are THREE business listings in G+ for my company. One, the legitimate one that I’ve been managing and two more phantom listings that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. *sigh* (Banging head against the Google wall again).

  • Brad Krupkin

    what about for businesses that are managed by 3rd party agencies? they used an erroneous email address during the set up process that is not used by anyone and never checked. now, that agency is gone, but we still use that login to access the old places for business dashboard. any idea how to change the email address for each of our places for business dashboard accounts (no upgraded yet) without losing any business reviews across 900+ locations?

  • http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    What a mess! What if a competitor is claiming your listing and jerking with you by pretending they’re the legitimate owner? How do you prove that then? Ask for bill statements to that address?

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Ashley, that’s not an issue if not the same companies.

    @Mike In most cases multiple listings for a company won’t fly. No matter how many names and sites you have. If it’s really more like different divisions of the same company but it’s really the same owner then it usually won’t. For instance Whatever Creative an agency can’t have separate listings for what they call their web design brand, their SEO brand and their design and photography brand.

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    That can happen if you set up a Google+ Business page and manually merged it with the Place page. But normally that could only create one dupe, not sure where the other came from. But I have 45 posts with all kinds of scenarios coming up over at my place.

    If one is verified and the other 2 are not, just delete the ones that aren’t.

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Competitors can’t claim unless they can answer your phone or get your mail to get the PIN. (technically anyway.)

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Brad that’s def an issue where you want to call support and have them help you through it.

  • Brad Krupkin

    is there a support number somewhere?

  • http://www.wsismartsolutions.com Thomas Petty

    Hi Linda, Thanks. Just hadn’t gotten around to looking into it yet, but noticed it yesterday. The migration from Places -> G+ was a major pain in the butt, and I lost ALL my reviews (18 five star reviews!). Urgh. Thanks Google. Now I gotta start all over. *grumble*

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Yes thanks Barry. This was 1st reported at my place 9 days ago and consultants have been sharing their frustration and banging their head’s ever since, so I escalated to Jade and asked her to write an explanation. It’s mega confusing because there are all different types of dupes that can be created a variety of ways, and she only mentioned the main 3. But it seems lots of the current problems are due to folks doing the early merge with G+ which is why we’ve been saying all along, “Wait, don’t merge with G+”.

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Brad, no number. You don’t call them they call you. http://support.google.com/business top right “Contact Us”. If you do it Monday – Friday, 6 AM – 5 PM PST then there will be a “call us” button.

  • Brad Krupkin

    on with them now. thanks for the info. Wish me luck!

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Luck! Hate to say it but with 900 locations in G+ Local you need it. Better you than me! LOL

  • http://www.visin.com/ Thomas Townsend

    NO that is EXACTLY the reason why you have multiple G+ Biz pages. I spent about 2 hours on the phone with a Google Specialist on Places and I can tell you they, GOOGLE have not got this figured out YET. I was told to IGNORE the old still working Places Dashboard and instead use Google+ Dashboard for adding any Business locations.

    I have a client that has an existing G+ Biz page that is connected to their site…and was using the Main Corp address. Now we have 2 Separate G+ Biz pages…one for each location…that is really confusing. Google needs to make an update to Biz Pages to allow companies with multiple locations to show those locations on (1) G+ Biz profile. Right now they can’t and the main reason why you have to have a separate G+ Page for each location is how they implemented Maps. I am guessing that the G+ Page group does NOT communicate with the Maps Group at all….now we have this confusing cluster…….no telling when it will get resolved ??

  • http://www.visin.com/ Thomas Townsend

    Except if your told to do it by GOOGLE Places Reps…who apparently don’t realize the huge frustration they have caused everyone.

  • Deepanshu Gahlaut

    Nice and Helpful Article!. I am creating a google local listing page for my company, but there is no option for verification by phone. Can anyone suggest me how to verify yor local listing page with phone number?

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Thomas part of the problem you are having is that Google never supported setting up G+ Biz pages for multi-location businesses. So you were not supposed to verify them. (Of course they never made this widely known so unless folks read my forum or Mike’s blog, most don’t know – so many did it anyway, not even knowing it was a problem.)

    Going forward all new listings should be set up in the Places dash and the Places listing will auto-upgrade to a G+ page. So we won’t have all these nightmares. BUT untangling the mess if you already created sep G+ pages and merged is super complicated and there are a ton of unforeseen problems.

    But that’s why I have been saying all along (and GOogle has too), wait don’t merge ESPECIALLY if multi-locations. I knew once the full upgrade rolled out there would be dupes and pages that needed to be deleted only to have to start over. I didn’t realize it would be quite this convoluted tho.

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Good point Thomas. Not only did support sometimes say too, but for quite awhile G+ was trying to force you to upgrade with a poorly worded bogus warning that if you didn’t verify the G+ page your edits would not go live. That was not true, was just bad wording but it got a lot of verifications. :-(

  • Tapas Kannoujia

    Thanks for updating
    helpful and valuable instructions about how to solve the Google Places duplicate
    listing problem. You explain each and every point very clear for 3 types of
    issue occurred due to Google Places update.

  • http://www.wsismartsolutions.com Thomas Petty

    I had to get on the phone with them last year because I couldn’t get them to merge. The problem was that my address had changed. He said the only thing I could do was nuke the Places listing (and lose all my reviews) and start fresh. He said that an address change meant that you have to start with a new listing, and you cannot carry reviews over. What a load of baloney. Businesses change addresses all the time.

    I agree Thomas, that Google has not figured this out yet. It’s a mess, and they keep changing things on us.

    Linda, I looked at the other two phantom listings yesterday, and they’re empty. But I can’t figure out how to dump them. I can “Manage” them, but I don’t see where I can delete them.

    Oh well a battle for another day. Too many other things on the list to deal with for now.

  • Kristen Camacho

    Great info! Has anyone had any experience with deleting one of these duplicate listings? I keep getting deterred by that warning on the bottom of the page that says ” Note that Google may continue to show businesses that have been removed from your account on Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties as closed, moved, or open, depending on the information we’ve received about the business.” and I’m not sure I want to loose control of the listing if it’s still going to be out there.

  • RedLeader

    Can anyone comment on whether or not this impacts businesses with multiple practitioners at the same location?

    Currently, Google’s guidelines encourage individual practitioners within the same organization (think: doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc.) if they have a physical presence there (ie, not a temp office).

    We got this same notification, and the best I can tell is it’s from another practitioner in the client’s office. There’s the possibility that the listing was set up incorrectly in the past, but I don’t have access to it at the moment to verify how it’s set up in the backend.

  • Joe Harrison

    Thanks Barry !! It’s unbelievable the things that they do to you , now my page is suspended on g+ and I don’t know why ??

  • Scott Davis

    It just removes the duplicate. If you control the “real listing” (for lack of a better term), you’ll still be able to adjust/make updates to it.

    Yes… the check boxes and scary message can deter one from deleting the Google+ page… but it only deletes the Google+ page… not the Google user account associated with the page.

  • Scott Davis
  • Scott Davis

    Competitors CAN claim your listing… All they have to do is request a PIN when they notice your new, unverified Google+ page listing.

    They address the PIN to the business or the owner, and you enter their PIN thinking its yours.

    POOF! Your competitor now controls your listing!

  • Scott Davis

    There is no “merge” function…

    If you set up a Google+ Business page… and the NAP information matches your map listing… It merges whether you want it to or not.

    You don’t get to choose whether or not to merge…

  • Scott Davis

    Ask them.


    They’re quite helpful over the phone… My guess would be your email address got flagged as a “spammer” for duplicate/multiple listings. If that’s the case, you’ll have to delete your listings and create them with a different email address. The flagged email can never be used for Google maps again.

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Actually there is a merge function. I work directly with Google on this stuff so I know, but maybe I didn’t explain well enough. Assumed folks would know what I meant. Maybe I used the word merge too loosely.

    You can set up a G+ Business page and it WON’T merge with the maps listing at all. It can just be a stand alone G+ page that is social but does not rank in maps or have reviews.

    Unless you take an additional step. (Which most of us in the industry refer to as merging.)

    To merge, you verify the G+ page and that’s what triggers the merge with maps.

    And that’s the manual merge I was referring to that Google also for many months now has recommended not doing. That’s why we’ve all (including Google) been saying, “wait don’t merge.” Meaning don’t manually create a G+ page and verify it. Wait for the auto-upgrade.

    Sorry if what I said was not explained in enough detail.

  • Scott Davis

    Exactly my point. By talking about “merging” pages like its an active choice, a button to click, a setting to toggle… you’re confusing people.

    And you are correct, if you don’t verify the page it won’t merge. It also won’t merge if your NAP is slightly different, verified or not. As most of us in the industry know, NAP is really important.

  • Joe Harrison

    Ok thanks man !!

  • Kristen Camacho

    Thanks Scott, I did end up just deleting the duplicates and so far so good. Nothing funky has happened and no phantom listings are showing up that I need to re-claim and delete, which is what I was afraid of based on my past experiences with Google and duplicate listings.

  • Scott Davis

    Google will move the reviews over to the real page. They don’t toss the reviews associated with the business.

    After you click on “manage page” go up to the top right and click on the “settings” for the page. At the VERY bottom of the notification settings is a delete button you can click.

    You’re going to see a ton of check boxes and warnings… just check the boxes and ignore the warnings. It won’t delete your Google account, just the + page you’re trying to delete.

    You’ll have to do this same process for all of the dupes. Manage page, then delete from the settings tab.

  • AriesSetiawan

    So if i get the above information right, Google want me to remove my listing from Google places for Business and manage my listing from Google+?