• http://TechChris.com chrisjohnston

    Explain exactly how you are making calls over data. To make calls from Google Voice Google makes the call for you and then connects your call to that call. That explains why your callers see the call coming from Google Voice. You are still using your minutes on your cell phone plan in this scenario. Google also routes the incoming calls to your cellphone and again this uses your minutes. Some carriers like AT&T also prohibit VOIP calls over their cellular data network in their terms of service.
    I would love to be able to make Skype type calls over my data network and give AT&T less of my money for their overpriced minute plans. I just don’t see how Google Voice is going to do this.

  • avazed

    Very interesting concept, linking all your numbers to one place. In the long run, people who want to call you shouldn’t worry about which number to use or which device to call (your mobile or home or office), they should be calling a person, not a device. So there should only be one number per person for life, and we should be able to decide which device should ring depending on where we are at any given time! Google is getting us one step closer to that by linking all our current phones to just one number…

    But the thing that Google hasn’t been able to do though, is to link people’s *old* phone numbers to the google number. Or their old emails, or skype IDs, or all the other online ID’s. Ideally, we would want to get our one and only google number to “replace” all those other bulky or outdated contact alternatives too… Btw, avakit.com is a great help with that, highly recommended!