• http://jozsoft.com Joe Hall


    I am not surprised by this at all. I used to do in house SEO for a real estate brokerage, and even then I saw Google be very aggressive pushing Adwords on us. This move only frees up more room for ads. And I can tell you that selling PPC services to real estate brokerages is a hell of a lot easier than SEO. They have listings that they need to market right now, not after their domain is ranking.

    This move by Google creates a void in the market that’s only logical alternative is PPC.

  • http://jstohler jstohler

    Too bad. I always liked this feature, not because it’s better than a site like HotPads but because it combined the information with all the other Maps-related info.

  • Matt McGee

    Joe, this isn’t about SEO. This wasn’t organic web page listings — it was home data coming in via databases and data uploads from real estate brokerages, agents, and data suppliers. It’s not like the “real estate” tab/layer on Google Maps is going to be replaced by a “Real Estate Ads” tab or anything.

    Bottom line: real estate search is too important for Google to ignore.

  • http://jozsoft.com Joe Hall

    Matt, I am more than aware what this was. Part of my prior job was to input the listing data that corporate shared with Google Maps. All I am saying is that as REALTORs start to see their listings drop from the map view they will start looking for other marketing avenues and if they want too stick with Google, most will go with PPC. Because ranking a listing page takes to long.

  • Matt McGee

    Okay, that could be. But I would question how many knew that this feature even existed. It’s quite buried in Maps, and Google never did seem to promote it much as best I can tell (having a wife who’s a real estate agent).

  • http://www.gosmart4u.com Misty Lackie

    I smell an acquisition coming soon by Google of one of the larger real estate portals.

  • http://www.steakdigital.co.uk/ Duncan Parry

    From a UK perspective the public awareness of this is zero – nobody knows it’s there, and there are several good property sites that have emerged in the last few years.

    I see PropertyPal.com mentioned as a source of UK listings. Never heard of them – and they only cover one area, Northern Ireland. Did Google have the right partners for mass aggregation of already structured listings data? Not convinced at all.

    Acquisition – if they do, they will have to buy per country or scale an acquisition out quickly; I can’t think of any multi-national propery listing sites with decent marketshares in more than one country. Happy to be proved wrong…

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    I’m with Misty. Google has plenty of cash on hand for this kind of acquisition, and it’s very much in line with what G is doing in Travel. In all fairness, Google didn’t exactly pick the ideal time to jump into the real estate market :-)

  • Genevieve Vayda

    OK. From a none professional searching on line at my laptop, and out and about on my iPhone, my Real Estate search has just been kaboshed by this move by Google.

    I, myself, am now stymied in sewing together various RE sites, none of which cover all the bases.

    I am very disappointed in Google’s decision to turn off this feature. Seems silly to me. Or?? That they may be up to something?

    Meanwhile, I’ve just lost a GREAT tool, used while in my car, looking for my new home/property.

  • paulh

    It took me a long time to notice this real estate search was available …………

    it would have helped if it was visible ………………

    after I found it ………………….I used it almost daily

    I am also very disappointed in Google’s decision to turn off this feature.

  • http://www.racketmag.com Luke Toney

    I was very disappointed by this news. As far as I know, Google NEVER advertised this feature. I found it by chance searching maps. Furthermore, I found the information highly useful as a non-realtor property investor. Google was where I began my searches, and I often found listings there that weren’t included on my real estate report from my agent. Huge bummer and, I think, a bad move.