• http://www.708media.com Chris Edwards

    The freshness really hurt my traffic. I have a few articles that I wrote a year ago that were high ranking and getting great traffic. The content was still relevant and up to date. The updates hurt these older pages in rankings thus affecting my my traffic. Since my site is a blog, these articles show in Google with a post date, however, the content is updated once a month with updated items. Before, this was not an issue since freshness didn’t seem to matter. Now, not sure what to do. 

  • http://www.708media.com Chris Edwards

    Although my site took a dive on my older content, the freshness has not really helped me in my own searches I have made. I find myself having to select “Past Year” in order to get relevant articles for terms I search for. I do know that my own articles went down in rankings due to freshness. LOL sorta feel shafted on this one. 

  • http://www.codemyownroad.com/ Josh Kohlbach

    I’d like to know how Google determines if the page is fresh. Obviously it wouldn’t be just looking at the post date, but also the date that it first discovered the page and how long ago the content was updated significantly.

    At some point though, Google’s gotta give us some credit for building pillar article type content. It’d be interesting to see if this older content would still pull rank if it had lots of relevant links to it.

  • Bill Wynne

    Doesn’t seem to me that there is a lot you can do to meet their updated guides. As you said, there is nothing specific. So just keep doing good ole natural writing with a keyword emphasis.
    That’s my plan.

  • costini

    Intetesting article thanks for sharing. The confusing part in the non disclosure of anchor text changes. The question is what would make the system more robust?? The web has two schools of thought when anchor text turn into quality driven google traffic. — between words or not

  • Warren Redlich

    My second biggest site took a moderate hit (down roughly 30%) starting about 2 weeks ago. Whatever it was had little or no effect on my other sites, which are all different but still in the same ballpark. Maybe I haven’t updated this one as much? Wondering …

  • http://www.facebook.com/Highsierra26 Praveen Nair

    It is confirmed that Anchor text for a specific link is not useful anymore but what the pattern changed, still undisclosed and then what i thing 
    for anchor text relevancy I think google is pushing toward the author tag for content  . 

  • Χρήστος – Αναστάσιος Κωστούρος

    It is as simple as it sounds. The anchor text metrics are now checking the targeted’s website revelance based on “that” anchor text which means:

    1) The desired linking anchor text must be found in the website’s domain name or within website’s title or h2 or content.
    2) Synonyms of the anchor text.

    Thats all. You cannot “seo” for a website which sells leather beds and have it having anchor texts for “love”. There is no way a bot could identify the keyword before anchor text or after anchor text in a linking profile since there is no such algo created. If that was the case, adobe wouldn’t rank #1 for “click here”. And yes, having adobe ranking for “click here” does not means that it has a huge linking profile with “click here” but in their own website, all their products have the “click here”.

    So, this is the conclusion.

    Assuming you have a website selling beds with an internal page of leather beds, which is present in the main page of your website. If you now seo for “leather beds” on the main domain, the internal page will appear. This is the new thing they did which is so cool and it is simple.

  • http://www.tennis-artikelen.nl/tennistas.html Tennistas

    Im not a big fan of this update. The problem now here is (in Holland) that local linkdirectories become more important. So Google gives the directories more traffic, and through those directories the searcher will go to the website they are looking for. Like a search engine inside a search engine. 

  • http://twitter.com/JosephGourvenec Joseph Gourvenec

    Hi All,


    Anchor Text Tweaks

    My interpretation of the Anchor Text tweets is simply better contextuality.  1. Link – surrounded by
    relevant copy / content.2.The page it links
    to is also relevant and contextual to the inbound link/s


    = improved signals for
    improved relevance


    If that makes sense





    Kind Regards,

    Joseph Gourvenec

    SEO and Search Specialist

    Twitter: @josephgourvenec

    YouTube: YouTube.com/JosephGourvenec

    Facebook: Facebook.com/JosephGourvenec

  • http://www.web-media.co.uk Rob Willox | WebMedia SEO

    I agree that the more information to explain what they are doing or attempting to do tends to confuse more than enlighten and if I was being cynical, that may well be the intention.

    I say that as if they were to be exactly specific and say ‘do this’ and ‘this will happen’ it might open up the opportunity for far more abuse and there is always the high probability that some will attempt to game the system rather than take it on board and improve their content and make it more relevant and more indexable to help improve the serps.

  • http://mistermasterblog.blogspot.it/ Massimo Foletti

    Mr G is sometimes a nightmare

  • http://twitter.com/GraphicDesignEl Graphic Design Elite

    Unfortunately due to the abuses of our SEO predecessors, Google provides very vague information about their updates, most likely so that SEO managers won’t exploit the new rules for personal gain like has been done in the past. Balance that of course with attempting to programmatically serve the best page possible with every search… 

  • E_3

    I hadn’t even considered that benefit. Great point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1203284825 Miguel Blanco

    One SEO expert is now suggesting we use a lot of url links plain without anchors. Does anyone else here see this as something we should do? From what I gather it seems what google is doing is making anchored links less important than they were before, and maybe this is in order to minimize the affect internet marketers have by using anchor texts a certain way to gain rankings, especially those that use software to create such links in articles etc.

    The more I read about google updates it seems a big part of what they are trying to do is fight the influence SEO experts and internet marketers are able to have. But it will never really work, we’ll just adjust to the new rules. (Though google is forcing us to keep in our toes.)

  • http://www.mobilapegustultau.ro/ Mobila Bucuresti

    Anchor text works. The main factor I have noticed in anchor text working is making sure the anchor text varies while still having the same keywords in there as much as possible. Also just as important, the uniqueness and relevance of the content it is linking from.

  • http://www.facebook.com/katherine.andes Katherine Andes

    I’m excited about the punctuation indexing. Very cool. Hope it’s true. 

  • http://bikramkawan.com.np Bikram Kawan

    Confusion in alt is always for me mostly in wp blog.

  • http://seoebooklab.blogspot.com/ Ram Babu SEO

    Google seems to working hard something even more cleaning their system to provide best results to the users! these some onpage would be the best sorted practices we can apply to earn online business value

  • http://twitter.com/Searchen Searchen Networks ®

    Very likely something to do with when not to utilize the anchor text, similar to no follow.  If “nofollow” appears, the anchor text is not utilized. If this new characteristic is found or not found, anchor text is utilized. What they are looking for is whether or not a specific piece of content which contains a link has a characteristic which indicates it is promotional in nature, at which point, they will not take the anchor text into consideration. 
    It goes beyond the content itself.

  • http://sms2everyone.com/ Friendship SMS

    I expect anchor text data will be combined more with the contextual content surrounding the tags. Also think by ‘reasonable’ size images they mean of decent resolution and size, not small images such as thumbnails. Very interested to see feedback and findings from others on the impacts.

  • ditoroin

    Excellent improvements.

  • http://marketsamuraipromocode.com/ Market Samurai

     Exactly! It would be nice to know which are those 200 social sites google considers to be most important.

  • AdwordsAgencySA

    Yes this is the one that I would love more information on…

  • AdwordsAgencySA

    Its one thing to say it, its another thing to get clients to buy into it, especially SME’s that don’t have time.

  • http://www.TonyasDynamicDesigns.com/ Tonya Becker-Haddadeen

    LOVE IT! Thank you Search Engine Land for another great post about SEO and Google!

  • Terry Lamb

    Everyone can keep speculating on what Google is doing organically and I’ll keep crushing it with PPV – Oh, look out there goes another shiny Google object; go get it.