• Pete McAllister

    Any updates focused on individual authorities within niches getting a boost compared to valuing more overall general authority would be a boost for SERP value. It can be frustrating to see quick daily column filler articles on mega-authority sites pushing back well put together content from experts; simply because the search term is nearer the head than tail.

  • Durant Imboden

    In my subject area, topic authority took a hit when Panda 1.0 was introduced. Whether by design or by accident, general-interest megasites got a ranking boost at the expense of niche sites published by subject experts.

    I wonder if Google’s current work on “topic authority” is related in any way to another project that Matt commented on recently: making Panda friendlier to small Web sites and small businesses.

  • http://www.clickfire.com/ Emory Rowland

    I have a hunch that authoritative porn sites link to popular porn sites, not sure.

  • http://vinnyohare.com/ Vinny O’Hare

    And what if you are an authority on a few subjects that don’t mix together? How does G going to deal with that?

  • FaceOnMars

    That’s an interesting trade off you seemed to have witnessed. I’d be curious to know why niche sites published by experts took a hit the way you’ve described? Perhaps the missing link might have something to do with computers not being able to realize that human limitations regarding authority are not the same as computers. Kind of a “jack of all trades, yet master of none” situation which the computer (algo) simply doesn’t “get”. We go to see specialists (doctors) for issues with particular bodily functions because we know that by and large such individuals possess a much higher level of authority in that field vs. a general practioner.

  • Sherry Podany Snyder


  • Sherry Podany Snyder

    I opened my mouth at a conference in 2010 about sites with – keyword urls and it was on youtube the next day with Matt Cutts.

  • Ashutosh R

    If Google bots can really fix this thing properly than it will be great!

  • seokungfu

    virtual void System::Crash(void);//KaChAkAbOoM :)

  • http://www.searchmarketing.com/ tobryant

    Let’s try this one more time. ..Yes popularity and authority
    are different. But authority and reputation are very different concepts in
    network analysis (like hummingbird uses). The author is an entity, the article; the site and the
    subject are all different entities. The relationship, strength, size and
    closeness are determined by ‘links pointing to’ which is reputation but it is
    not authority. I’m still not hearing anything about scoring “authority”