• CaptainKevin

    It makes sense that Google should return results that consist of pages with closely related title tags. But when I am searching products, why is Amazon’s UK domain returned in some of the results along with mostly their .com version?

    Why even use ODP? That place contains some of the most outdated information on the internet. I’d venture to say at least half the titles of ODP listed sites over a year old are totally wrong. I just checked ten sites in the ODP, and all but one were way different than what was listed. One was also an under construction page.

  • http://www.jaankanellis.com incrediblehelp

    ODP? He has to be joking right?

  • http://www.RoseDigitalMarketing.com/ Christopher Rose

    If Google was a TV series it would have jumped the shark years ago.

    I really hope the rumours of a major new search engine are true…

  • Gerry

    Google gets worse year after year, I sure hope people start using other search engines more. Google is becoming impossible to figure out and they split hairs that have already been split a couple of times. IMO, the results from Google have declined in quality over the past two years and they have done so dramatically. Quality Content does not matter anymore, all the nit picky crap does like how links are structured etc. etc. The fact they are using the ODP is a sad sign of how bad things have gotten at Google. Bing is a much better search engine.

  • http://www.seovanguard.com/ Kevin Anchi

    Excellent, we don’t have to do the Onpage SEO for meta tags, I would say we
    just leave it blank and let Google decide what would be the best possible title
    for the pages and rank it, or most probably de-rank them

  • http://www.seovanguard.com/ Kevin Anchi

    Well i would say they want to control everything (content ) and maintain the quality for the users, cause there are spammers who miss use these tags

  • Sweta Srivastava

    If you dont want to show ODP then disallow it from robots.txt or Meta Robot

  • http://www.weddingplz.com Rakesh Sharma

    Hi Schwartz ,I am facing same problem with meta description of my website http://www.weddingplz.com/ internal pages. is there any architectural problem or description issue? Can you suggest me?

  • daveintheuk

    Does Google really still act in the users/webmasters best interest when rewriting titles in verticals where they “compete” and want the user’s click – such as local?

  • http://www.RoseDigitalMarketing.com/ Christopher Rose

    Google acts in its own best interest whilst maintaining the fiction that it is trying to provide a good search experience…

  • http://www.CheesyCorporateLingo.com/ Patrick Reinhart

    The fact that ODP is even mentioned makes be believe that Google will also start to take your Alexa ranking into account in the near future. At this point they are just changing it for the sake of changing it and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are basing this all off of rolling a 12 sided die.

    Frightening stuff.

  • shopify

    wow, must be a 15 year old video! all though Matt doesn’t look to well if it is :) seriously! ODP 15 years on! I havent added the noODP meta tag for years!… sounds like Google is digressing rather than progressing. Or Google is breaking with all the updates and algorithm changes they have release over the last couple of years. The old saying “don’t fix, what’s not broken” springs to mind…. Bring back the OLD Google!! at least it worked…. kinda

  • vicshoup

    If you can’t meet the three criteria and neither can any scrap of content from your page, then the penalty would be ODP (the source of last resort).

  • http://supernovadm.com/ Supernova Media

    Follow those SEO rules people! :D

  • http://www.polepositionmarketing.com/ Stoney deGeyter

    I’m not buying it. Most of the rewritten title tags I’ve seen for our sites, Google has added the company name. That’s NOT what is most relevant to the query.

  • Emergency Pizza Party

    Same here, but I have been assuming this is about optimizing CTR. Well-known brands are likely to find that their company name is the biggest factor in drawing the searcher’s interest.

  • Stoney deGeyter

    Yeah, but I’m not necessarily talking about well known brands. I would be surprised if the rewritten title tag does better with CTR. We write them the way we do for a reason!

  • Emergency Pizza Party

    It does seem strange for them to want to do this, especially based on a matched query. the data they would have for a better title tag would be awfully thin per query. And modifying tiny samples is only going to skew their intelligence on the subject going forward.

  • C4talyst

    This has long been the case…

  • http://www.geneeugenio.com Gene Eugenio

    Another blow against spam automation. Is it just me or is Google getting smarter by the day?

  • Gerry

    I think its probably just you Gene.

  • Gerry

    These are only one element they consider (title tags). I can’t speak for others but on our pages these are important and are done with a purpose – one that relates to the pages actual content. Ultimately, the content structure should reflect the search placement is my point. These tags (used properly) are important elements I would think. Don’t we know what the best title tags are for our page’s content? So they don’t matter anymore, just like that?

    Our sites are travel related. If someone uses modifier(s) in a query that directly relate our pages’ content and assuming they are looking for information on our area e.g. typing in the region or country we are located in and are looking for information on travelling here we should do well in search. But with the latest (last two years) updates by Google, we don’t anymore (we were previously).

    We are providing overview travel information, directions, images, social media content, and we link to accommodations, retailers, attractions, along with using video and other forms of media. This content is updated by humans lol and it is engaging and useful in planning a trip.

    What I wonder about is if our content was good prior to these last couple of major updates what could have happened? We are still providing the information that people are looking for and use a database to organize and make the info searchable. I am saying the content is still “good” but the results in Google have dropped dramatically.

    I don’t see this change helping if it only relates to the title tag but who knows. Our title tags reflect the information on that specific page and only that page. They summarize the content found there and we use related images (properly tagged) with the page copy. Not a lot of ads or other issues. Again, don’t we best know what our title tags should be? We want qualified traffic so we don’t sway from that strategy when developing our page content – or our title tags.

    If Google changes the title tag to what it thinks best how will that help? It seems the information on the page is secondary, unless it it used to write the title tag – okay then if so, by what criteria does Google use? He doesn’t really tell you that in the video. More guessing lol. Chasing Google is silly these days. Their search engine doesn’t make sense anymore.

  • http://www.seovanguard.com/ Kevin Anchi

    Yes that is true all the drivers are drunk.

  • http://www.blogroast.co.uk/ Peter Gore

    If Google want to rewrite your DNA, just let then do it……you let them do everything else. Use another search engine.

  • http://www.techshu.com Rajeev Saha

    It is good to make the title relevant with the search terms because the title which consist only with keywords, won’t attract the visitors thus we get less clicks.

    We have to optimized title and description more by preparing attractive by using our USP’s.

  • http://www.seolution.com/ Seolution

    Hi, thanks for sharing this video.
    When Google overwrites the information in this way, I think optimization is becoming unpredictable, or better yet, impossible.

  • http://novelconcept.org Philip Zeplin

    What are these rumors of a new search engine?
    Got any link for that? Sounds quite interesting! :)

  • http://www.shop.graciousstore.com/ Gracious Store

    If Google’ version of the title will increase the chance of click through, so be it

  • http://www.TheeDesign.com/ TheeDesign Studio

    They really should stop using ODP, the fact that moderators barely exist for getting anything new listed and getting updates done is a joke should make it irrelevant. I think I might be one of the few who actually likes that Google will rewrite some of the title tags, but I believe that if a searcher has found your page through who knows what search terms that your page vaguely targets, then I like that Google will change it to be more relevant to the search query.

  • http://ultimateunit.com Gunjal shrivastava

    Automatic title rebuilding, is it good for my website?

  • Jesse DaCosta

    Can we talk about this comment, and how great it is that it starts with ” Hi Schwartz?”