• http://www.mymobileinnovations.com/ Tasha

    Point number 6 is interesting.. Matt Cutts has accepted that Disavow is not sufficient tool to cleanup the links. We should also focus to manual clean up of unnatural links.

  • Bayut

    Exactly what I’ve been thinking..

  • http://www.clickacig.com/ Clickacig

    We were one of the sites that got affected by the recent penguin update. As a result we wanted to simply use google’s disavow tool. Which leads me to ask, is there any way or tool(maybe) that helps in determining which links bring up or pull down the rankings? If so, can you tell me? Oh, and great post by the way – simple, brief and yet very useful. :)

    Thanks in advance,
    Mark J

  • Tassilo

    Hi Mark, I am currently developing a tool, where you can upload your WMT links. The tool then identifies links from domains which were hit by Penguin themselves. These could be toxic domains. Send me an email and I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the tool.

  • http://www.clickacig.com/ Clickacig

    Very nice… Is this tool for free Tassilo? Anyways, my email is jenkinsmark01@gmail. Looking forward to hearing from you.. Thanks! :)

  • Tassilo

    In the beta phase there will be free trials available. I will contact you once the beta is ready.
    Any features you would like to see? Sorting linking domains by specific criteria etc.
    So long -Tassilo

  • http://bizlift.com Sterling Okura

    Hi Susanna. Yeah, the notes thing is a bit confusing. He says not to explain the story of WHY you want the link disavowed in the notes (ie that site is filled with viagra links, or looks like a negative SEO attack by a competitor).

    But they do encourage you to show that you made an effort to manually remove the links by adding that info to notes.