• http://fiswebdesign.com/ Aaron Hemmelgarn

    Hi Ricky, he mentioned about the press releases in one of his video’s a few weeks back. He explained that people are manipulating press releases with links and basically spamming content. The one way that a press release was good is that if it was written well, then it will be shared and it will raise the traffic to the site and they do watch traffic as a measure. So while he said that press releases have no direct PR impact on your rankings, they do have usefulness in driving traffic to a site.

    So don’t use them to count as an inbound link, but rather awareness and traffic.

  • http://fiswebdesign.com/ Aaron Hemmelgarn

    Google is going to say anything to keep people from manipulating the system. +1 have shown a correlation to increased traffic and thus, increased rankings. You can bet they also measure how long a person is on a post/article to when they +1 it. This means that the viewed read the article and post and didn’t just hit +1.

    I would be curious to see correlation of +1 with a large amount of comments (social action) and ones that didn’t. There’s a lot of data here to measure and you can bet Google is analyzing all of it and how they can use it.

  • Duncan Colman

    Not being funny but Cutts is hardly going to say “get loads of +1s and your rankings will soar for exact match terms such as ‘viagra’ and ‘car insurance.” Social, social, social all the way.

  • http://rickyleepotts.com/ rickyleepotts

    That is why I use them! The goal for most, if not all of the press releases that I post, are for both awareness and traffic. More awareness than anything. We are on the same page here! Thank you for your response, Aaron.