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    So will people actually see the navigation links now? The universal is there to somewhat replace it, but I think google could do a better job of educating people about what’s available. Their service is even better than most of their users ever realize

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    Nice nice-to-have-stuff for Google.

    The thing I do not like about the common search engines is, that they do not recognize documents with similar content. It happens often on the Web that a post or document is spread out over more then 50 websites. Now that is great for the author but not for the searcher because it blows up your search result unnecessarily. With InfoCodex this will not happen because the linguistical database recognizes similar documents and puts them into groups. This does not blow up your search result unnecessarily.


    Three things a modern Search engine should do:

    1. Automatically classify a document according to its content.
    2. Automatically generate an abstract of a document.
    3. Generate a Heat-Map of the Contents of a Search Result.


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    Interesting to see where they are going – thanks for the info!

  • http://profiles.google.com/engg.shaeeb abu shaeeb

    Yeah, quite good approach by google to make search a better experience…