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    The new Google PR update is coming now in March (not sure what specific week). Then I should not worry about increasing backlinks in order to try to rank higher?

  • http://www.syscomminternational.com syscomm

    I look forward to seeing the changes they will bring related to Google Page Rank!

  • http://content-article-writer.blogspot.com/ ContentArticleWriter

    If it is overhyped, then how come that is the only thing SEO experts and web marketers talk about? When I get orders my clients only mention the importance of PageRank. So what is the point to backlink building then?

  • wearepower2

    PageRank is long term reputation of website. Backlinks collection served a purpose to improve PageRank. Many manipulations with link building created ongoing scam which causes degradation of honest webmasters and the invasion of scam websites with the good PageRank but worthless web content or offer. If you enter any search topics (keyword phrase) in Google search today you will find many website in between the “Giants” with low or no PageRank at all yet highly positioning according to relevancy and content worthiness, which is, in my opinion the only way to go. Readers need fresh content and buyers need honest websites to trust. Backlinks today are just showing the search engine users that you website, article, blog is worth to enter. We; SEO Services created taboo out of PageRank and Backlinks in order to increase our prices.

  • TheMadHat

    Can we please stop talking about page rank now? I haven’t looked at it in over 2 years because it’s a useless metric and has absolutely no value whatsoever.

    So for the first 3 comments, stop building backlinks if your only point is to increase your page rank. And if that is actually your reason, get a new job.