• Alan

    Just bypass apache all together. Nginx is better and faster and it’s caching system is much better than anything apache can do.

  • jonathannelson

    YES! Apache is an over bloated piece of junk.

  • http://igvita.com/ Ilya Grigorik

    We’re big fans of nginx, but the latest versions of Apache also perform *very* well, even for use cases like serving static assets, where nginx usually shines.

    The thing to keep in mind is that mod_pagespeed does *a lot* more than just serve the assets fast – it also optimizes the assets. As an example, serving a 2mb PNG, where a 400kb JPEG could have been provided is not a win for the user, and that’s exactly the kind of optimization that mod_pagespeed provides (and many others). In other words, give it a shot!

  • Alan

    Apache was good for it’s time. However these days we want more bang for our buck and Apache is just to bloated. If you want to see what nginx can do have a read of this http://www.ewanleith.com/blog/900/10-million-hits-a-day-with-wordpress-using-a-15-server

    it is not my site!