• http://jstohler jstohler

    Everyone has always worked under the assumption that Javascript (including post-load analytic packages) was ignored by the bots. Is it fair to say that is no longer the case?

  • awaltz

    It would be helpful to know how Google is calculating page speed. For instance, are they strictly using the speed as seen through the eyes of a specific browser just as if it were being used by a real user? Or are they doing their own tests and eliminating certain aspects of the download process. For instance, I use Google Analytics, and it adds a little bit of weight to my page speed. Is Google’s page speed algorithm penalizing me for using their own analytics script? Also, IE has specific ways of downloading pages which are different from Firefox and Chrome. Chrome downs things faster than all 3. Firefox is good too. But IE, used by most users, has some quirks that really lengthen the time a page gets downloaded. So how does Google score the speed?

  • http://focuswebmarketing.com Jeff Sebring

    I think this is something we should be looking at anyway, just for usability.

    For WordPress users, WP Total Cache is an amazing plugin that can help with site speed.


    Jeff Sebring