• http://www.redmudmedia.com Ralph

    Points well made in the conclusion. There is no that this will be gamed to death. Not that I intend to do so myself, but one of my clients is seeing a significant amount of traffic coming from users entering part of their brand name which suggests (and it is the case) that instant search is influencing this.

    So your Brent Payne example suggests to me that if enough people search for your primary search terms + the brand name then this will start to become a suggestion. Doing a search for “cheap flights” or “cheap hotels” doesn’t suggest any brand names to me yet, but I don’t think it will be long because as with links, it will be very difficult for Google to differentiate between genuine and faked searches… surely? It’s no secret that the travel and finance industries are riddled with naughty link buying and Google seems helpless to do anything about it.

    I guess Google could factor in click through rate as well so that it’s just a little harder (not impossible) to game the system.

    I’d hazard a guess that the suggestions also lend themselves to trending topics in Twitter and other social media outlets. Especially the fresh stuff that hasn’t had time to get indexed and ranked.

  • http://www.redmudmedia.com Ralph

    I meant to say there is no doubt that this will be gamed to death.

  • http://mainspring.tv/ M.V.

    Wow thanks for your research on this. I had no idea how much went into the autosearch function. I just thought it went by popularity. Very interesting!

  • http://www.rob-millard.com Rob Millard

    Nice post!

    Made a quick tool here a while back to export suggestions to a CSV:

    You can run up to 100 keywords at once, which should give you ~1000 back :)

  • http://mohanarun.com Mohan Arun

    Regardin’ the ‘Personalized Autocomplete search suggestions’: I want to view this as a big picture’ There are two parts. First is the collection. Second is the delivery. Collection means all the methods used to collect what you already liked, (past), what you like now (present search) and predictably what you may like (future). It involves collection of data I like from across mutiple Google properties… – if I “+1’d” a website then it means I like the keywords used in the website, if I commented on a blog post using the ‘Google account’ option, then I am likely to be interested in the keywords used in the post, if I stored a bookmark in Google bookmarks then I am likely to be interested in the keywords used in the page title of the bookmark, if I shared a page in Google buzz, then I chose to talk about a web page, amplify it socially, so I probably like the keywords used there… So these are all ‘keywords I am probably interested in’. Now comes the ‘delivery’ part… How do I make use of the collected keywords? Displayin’ them in search suggestions (autocomplete) is just one way. What if you could use the same data for targetin adwords ads that are displayed when you browse the web?

  • http://rosmarin-search-marketing.com Myron Rosmarin

    Another excellent post Danny – as always. One thing that I hoped you would cover is the topic of if and how Google Suggest has altered searcher behavior. I don’t have many examples of this but here’s an interesting comparison of searches of the words horoscope and horoscopes as tracked by Google Insights.
    Notice how the two track together until 2008 when the singular version suddenly increases in popularity and the plural version falls. I have contended that this change in behavior was driven by Google Suggest showing the singular version first and users simply selecting that when previously they might have opted for the plural. There must be many more examples of this. Clearly there is a great deal to be gained if Google and/or 3rd parties can influence which keywords get recommended first.

  • http://www.ydeveloper.com/e-smart-ecommerce-suite.html eCommerce

    I can see nationalities in google suggestion, it’s not protected.

  • Melissa Serrano

    What I would like to know is how to remove that from any browser. It’s annoying to open your browser and click on the search engine and have all those suggestions pop open, It’s an invasion of privacy and or lack of privacy.  It’s not like before when you had your computer out in the open and were searching for something with no worries of what was going to pop open under your empty search box. Now every time I search I have to make sure I’m alone so no one can see what i’m searching. Not because I’m searching inappropriate information, it’s because it’s no ones business what I’m searching. They should have at least put an option to remove it or shut it down. I don’t find it helpful at all. I find it just intrusive and lack of privacy.

  • zahra hatami

    hi..please say me…who disable auto complate in sarech google?