• http://mst3.wordpress.com Doc2626

    Artfully done, indeed! I can imagine a little chortling going on at the ‘Plex!

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Google doesn’t need to buy attention because it’s the big dog; it’s good to be king!

    The other great part about Google Instant from Google’s perspective is that it will be very difficult to emulate. Interface changes are easy; the computing horsepower required to pull off instant is just mind-boggling. Unless they’ve been working on it for some time, Bing won’t be able to match this one any time soon.

    We’re taking a close look at the impact of Google Instant on Paid Search and will publish our findings here next Monday.

  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    Thanks for commenting, George. I agree with you – the power of incumbency and 70% marketshare is huge.

    I guess I’d disagree that Instant necessarily requires significantly greater horsepower than Googles standard SERP delivery. If you are limiting the range of responses as Instant is doing, and only having to present one page of results instantly, then I could imagine it could take less horsepower bacause you can pre-sort and fetch smaller datasets. Don’t mistake me – I am not undervaluing the power of Google’s massively parallel processing – I think it is their single biggest competitive strength, but if Microsoft believes this to be anything more than a gimmick, I am quite sure they could counter technically.

    Can’t wait to read your Google Instant analysis – and looking forward to seeing you in NYC.

  • http://www.touchdownfreak.com forthofer

    Personally, I do not like Google Instant. I was watching a Bing commercial the other day and it was saying how overloaded with information we are with search. That’s true with Google now more than ever.

    Google Instant is giving us irrelevant information blinking in (almost worse than a popup) as we type our search. It’s an information overload because it’s information that we now see that we didn’t intend to look for. Seems to be the relevance factor has taken a back seat.

  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    Point well taken, forthofer.

    I don’t encounter Instant that often because I use Bing as my default engine, and usually get to Google through a toolbar, where Instant results do not appear.

    I asked Google for some data on how many search come from toolbar or other search box other than Google.com to get a sense for how much impact Instant actually could have, and they couldn’t provide that because it was proprietary data.


  • http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow

    Hi Matt-

    I was just commenting to Andy Atkins-Kruger about his great article on numbers and search, and then I saw your headline.


    I’m doing some informal usability and diary studies on Google Instant. What I notice more than anything else is how organic search results are pushed further down the page in favor of ads. This layout is closer to the Microsoft/Bing layout that I saw many years ago. I remember telling the folks at Microsoft years ago: if you are going to take up a considerable portion of screen real estate with ads, I will abandon your search engine.

    Google is getting very close to me abandoning it as my primary search engine.

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  • http://www.efrontier.com sidshah

    Hi Matt,

    I have actually noticed some changes after the launch of Google instant. In my post right after the launch of Google Instant, I had predicted some changes in user search patterns, CPC and impression volume. They are listed here:


    The data so far does indicate many of the predict pattern shifts are already happening. Its still early days and the users will adapt their search patterns but even a small 1-2% increase in Google’s profit is worth a few hundred million dollars.

    I am in the camp that believes that Google Instant is primarily motived by “optimizing” ad inventory temporally to increase Google’s profits.

    I will be presenting my findings at SMX East and I hope to see you there !


  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    Hi Shari,

    Thank you for pointing out this coincidence. It really does reinforce Andy Atkins-Krüger’s thesis. Glad the headline caught your eye. I hadn’t thought about the headline from a linguistic stand-point, but now that you mention it, I’ve noticed many more tweets from multi-lingual colleagues. Numbers and money symbols certainly do have power to grab our attention!

  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    Hi Sid

    Just read your article and highly recommend it to all readers. Great analysis as usual!

    Glad to see you are speaking at SMX East on the “Google Instant & Paid Search: A Game Changer?” panel. I’ll be your Q&A moderator and will do my best to make sure you get all the tough questions…