• Todd

    very interesting. one thing to consider is that how people search for food might change, instead of starting with restaurant, or cuisine type, people might start with the actual dishes (food) from the top level search. in the past, this has not really been possible, but with new search technologies, you never know. i have seen this at http://www.dishtip.com which encourages users to start their search based on any specific dish. worth a look.

  • deeseoguy

    How do you pull so many keywords from Google? Are you using an API or something?

    Also, what tool do you use to segment the keywords?


  • http://MSprague.com Mark Sprague

    Todd, if users do this kind of searching in Google (outside of dishtip) than I would see it in adwords – but, not much of that behavior going on as of today.

    DeeSEOguy, you can down load 200 to 800 keyword phrases – it’s an option. I always take 800 because I want to see everything. I do end up removing about 50 of them on averge because they are not useful queries. For example, when looking at Life Insurance recently there were a handful of queries about dental insurance – clearly off topic.

    I use a spreadsheet to do the analysis.