• http://www.gosmart4u.com Misty Lackie

    “We all need to get past the narrow focus on page views (and even total visitors).” Exactly! I don’t trust when companies selling ad space overly promote their traffic and try to sell you CPM campaigns and these findings confirm my suspicion. We refuse to by ad space based on CPM and will only purchase advertising based on CPC or CPL.

  • http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    I apologize to disagree here, but that’s horrific thinking. Traditional Media qualified users based on the INTEREST associated with the medium. Rock music, soap operas, sporting events, etc.. Ad buys are not based on how many guys watching a football game immediately went to hooters and got wings, no, it’s based on the market exposure, branding, etc.. The ADVERTISER is responsible for these things in this model.

    The backwards thinking of internet advertising is that if consumers aren’t ‘clicking’ your ads then it’s the website/publishers fault.. except if that website/publisher is Google, in which case you tweak your ad for Google searches to optimize for interaction. Advertising without consumers taking direct action has numerous benefits that are difficult to quantify immediately with some software program. You claim that publishers need to make sure their user numbers are REAL users and not bots, but I can assure you that bots use Google as much, if not more, than real humans. Scrapers constantly hit Google’s Ads, SEO tool makers scrape results, etc.. This should be seen as a cost of advertising (as many view it on Google) and should be understood, if not then you’ll blame the publisher and not look at your own advertising messaging and materials.

  • http://www.gosmart4u.com Misty Lackie

    Joe – A good advertiser should look at their advertising message regardless if it is CPM, CPC, CPL. I agree that it isn’t always the publishers fault. If the advertisement is not converting then the message needs to be adjusted or the publisher isn’t a good fit for that particular advertiser. We have done extensive tests using CPM and CPC with the same advertising message and CPC always has a better ROI for us, which is why we no longer advertise using CPM. I am sure others will agree that CPM is good for branding but at least for us, conversion is what’s most important.

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    “If Kraft is buying ads on the Food Network, they want to advertise to the Food Network audience, not to a random audience brought in from another source just to view those ads.”

    You just made a compelling argument against comScore’s allowing any search referrals from Google to count for Food Network.

    I stopped reading the article at this point as the illogic was too convoluted to keep up with any more.

    This is all complete nonsense.