• http://www.KristiBug.com Kristibug

    This is going to make everyone go crazy! Is there a limit, I wonder?

  • http://webweenie.blogspot.com Stephen Allen

    It was noticed before that. And anyways Google has enabled an invite mechanism available on most users pages now, on the right hand side.

  • http://www.monicawright.com monicawright

    Just saw this on Twitter: http://content.screencast.com/users/kellyhclay/folders/Jing/media/c531e5a1-c83b-4623-8ddb-f44ccb440e55/2011-06-29_2056.png
    But I find it odd that they would open the flood gates, then close them, then risk having a backlog of invites waiting to happen. THen again, the exponential mad rush has been nuts all evening.

  • http://j-town.co.il Charlie Kalech


    \Google+ is in limited Field Trial. During this time, when you share something with people who aren’t yet able to use Google+, they’ll receive it via email but won’t be able to comment or engage with the content like other Google+ users. They’ll be able to join Google+ as we let more users in over time.

    \If you’re not yet on Google+, you can sign up to stay updated here. \