• Ruben Lemaire

    Do you have any info on Google+ advertising?

  • http://about.me/matthewpack Matthew Pack

    good post on functionality – we’re all sitting here thinking why the hell would we use it? What are the tasks or fun or things that it lets me do that I can’t already do on the web?

    And long live facebook.com and competitors of Google…

  • http://www.ydeveloper.com/ YD

    I am so eager to see Google+ It looks like Facebook profile. Let’s see how people will react on this new update by Google. I’ll create a profile. Let’s see it does not fail like Google Buzz.

  • Marcin

    And now….How to import Facebook contacts to Google+ through Yahoo

    on our blog



  • http://careergreenlight.com Hashim Warren

    The killer feature is that I can send updates to people who are not in Google+.

    This is how email services like Hotmail spread in the old days.

  • Athar Basha

    Great one:-) Thanks for a great share on this new Google+ project..I would like to hear more from you…

  • Scott Price

    Come on! “I imagine it’s [hangout] fairly easy to use”. Sounds like you work for Google instead of testing Google.

  • http://www.gravitationalfx.com GFX

    Google Apps users are still locked out of this and other recent updates due to a lack of Google Profile support in Apps :-(

    C’mon Google – get Apps sorted.

  • http://www.illuminea.com Miriam Schwab

    I’m with GFX – it’s annoying that Google Apps users are always left out of the shiny new Google products. Google – please enable Google Profiles for us already so we can use your products, like the rest of your users. Thanks.

  • nishi


  • http://www.helltech-designs.com/ Ivan Horvat

    I like Google+ a lot and I intend to use it as primary social network soon (when enough of my friends from Facebook get their hands on G+). The Stream, hangouts and instant upload are really great features. Add to that a great looking user interface and a lot of potential in Sparks, it’ll be one pretty solid, competitive social network.

    There is just one thing that I would like to see on G+ and that is some kind of a personal messaging system – something like inbox on Facebook. Either do that or make the “Send an email” button on ALL Google profiles so people are able to reach each other privately and still got notified of that.

  • G.D.

    Here are my comments:
    1) I need notifications to signal when there are new notifications I want to see – on the G+ screen, NOT my email.
    2) Needs private message client, there’s a reason I like it on FB.
    3) If I have a friend in my contacts with 3 emails – I ended up with that friend showing up in my friends list 3 times! Come on – that was the deal breaker for me – worse yet you have to sign in w Gmail account my friends have now all added ANOTHER email so I have yet another friend box pop up for them and more cleanup needed. What a mess. There is too much housecleaning needed to organize my friends.
    4) Easy to lose track of who is where, and if you remove someone from a circle but forget to hit save, or go to another window and close the circle window you had open without hitting save, it happens easily, THE FRIEND IS PUT BACK IN THE CIRCLE! So you end up sending posts to someone you thought you removed from that circle. Too easy to happen.
    5) With 5 friends it is easy to know who has you in circles and who didn’t add you to circles, with 200+ friends you have no idea where you stand with them. You could be sharing everything with someone even if they haven’t even added you to a circle so they are sharing nothing with you. The conversation can become rather one-sided. In the friend’s list at a glance there is no way to tell who has added you and who hasn’t.

    I do like being able to edit comments and being able to format the text in posts,be careful G+ – don’t let it get like myspace where there was too much like work instead of just sending out a thought you had to sit there and make it look pretty, too.

  • G.D.

    #2 I forget to say the reason I like private messaging is it doesn’t get lost in email and the person at least gets a little red 1 on notifications so more likely to be seen than in email