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    Great point on pausing ads that lead to broken landing pages! A lot of advertisers don’t even know this problem exists in their accounts. Pages now-a-days frequently use ajax, and sometimes the string can be present inside hidden fields (like in a script)- so need to be careful when looking for text on a page. We (optmyzr dot com) created a tool that automatically checks for such pages, pauses ads, and also resumes ads when pages start working :)

  • Crytal Cube

    Since the Script was rolled out, we have been trying to develop some of
    the most complex scripts that could automate a lot, I mean really a lot – to give an example it – automatically turning on/off ads/campaigns etc. if the weather is above let’s say 20 degrees…

    “The problem with
    using a Script to create ads from a feed is that AdWords Scripts don’t yet
    support some of the JavaScript methods to connect to a database where you

    most likely have your catalog of everything you sell along with all the attributes you’d want to use in the ad template like price, size, reviews, etc.”

    We have also managed to sort this out without any issues we
    created our own GUI etc. Once we have created all the campaigns more than 60 of
    them and now they are all automated. which also meant that we had to develop many many, many scripts to handle everything efficiently, which was quite a lot of work but it definitely worth doing in the end.

    To give an example of how many Scripts we had develop to
    talk with different layers (including managing bits, CAPs, increasing bits/decreasing bits/ turning on & off and many more) we had to create over 50+ massive Scripts plus GUI etc. And it has made our lives a lot easier now.

    If you are interested to know more drop me an email to: waiss21@googlemail.com

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  • Crytal Cube

    Yeah good luck with that…

  • Lucas

    Is there an easy way to modify this code to send an email instead of pause the ad?

  • http://www.toptiertools.com/ Frederick Vallaeys

    You can do so much with AdWords Scripts but because they are limited in some ways, we have to get creative. At Google I/O last week I spoke with the AW Scripts team and they said using Google Sheets for data storage and using labels for storing state were great ways to get around some of the limitations. Sounds like your scripts must be pretty powerful with so many levels of scripts to do your ad automation!

  • http://www.toptiertools.com/ Frederick Vallaeys

    That’s not hard to do at all. You would replace the line “ad.pause();” with “MailApp.sendEmail(recipient, subject, body);”. Just replace recipient, body and subject with the email address, text for the email and subject line for the email. For example “MailApp.sendEmail(“me@example.com”, “Bad Destination URL Found”, “The AdWords Script found a destination URL that’s not so great” + urlToTest);”

  • Isma

    Does someone know if it’s possible to create/automate text ads for products based on a merchant center feed?
    As Merchant center and Adwords are already linked that would be the easiest way…

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    This is fantastic. I was inspired to learn scripts after hearing you at the Hero Conference in Austin this year, and now searching how to auto pause product ads when they’re out of stock I found your article here.

    Question – I have yet to create a script – can you point to a starter document?