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    Two of those apps you linked to didn’t work – one said it was “upgrading”, and the other went to a blank screen. Guess that’s the growing pains of a new app?

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    I’ve compiled my own list of what ever FaceBook App should have, but it is more tactical than Neil’s list, see excerpt below.

    Full blog article on Facebook on Emergence-Media:

    What are the 6 Basic Features that Oodle’s BandTracker Has (And yours should have too):

    1. BandTracker: Recently Tracked
    Or Basically: What was just added?

    2. BandTracker: Who likes what you like?
    Or Basically: Who has similar interests to you based on your selections?

    3. BandTracker: Most Tracked
    Or Basically: What are the most popular entries?

    4. BandTracker: Who I’m Tracking
    Or Basically: What you inputted as your interests

    5. BandTracker: Who’s Upcoming
    Or Basically: News about your interests: events, special deals, etc

    6. BandTracker: Who My Friends are Tracking
    Or Basically: What are my friend’s interests

    @DangerLarson: Actually, FaceBook was down this morning. See ValleyWag:

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    Weird, the links work for me. Maybe you have to be logged into Facebook for them to work.

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    >”Guess that’s the growing pains of a new app?”
    The new Applications side of Facebook is having some stability issues, I’m an active (addicted) user of many Facebook apps. and the servers just aren’t coping with the increased load. Also, there’s a mix between sponsored (hosted by Facebook) and self-hosted applications.

    Just to give you some clues as to Facebook apps. that have done really well in the 19-24yo market I’ve listed their name as well as unique feature.

    -Pirates (become a pirate, pilate, get attacked, pillage some more… text-link ads at the bottom)
    -Likeness (do a quiz, find out how alike you are to your friends)
    -Happy Hour! (send drinks to your friends!)
    -Vampires (bite people, they bite people, you all become one big happy family)
    -Pirates vs. Ninjas (watch your team mount an epic battle against each other, pirates will win for sure)
    -Free gifts (Facebook makes you pay for gifts, this one doesn’t, amazing huh!)
    -Causes (an online donation community, funds are given to your “causes”)
    -BrainFall.com Quiz (online quiz across various topics, updated daily)
    -iLike (music profile and community, have a popular “guess the song” competition)
    -myTV (integrate youtube into your profile)
    -Movies (favourite films, take the “likness film test” with your friends)
    -Graffiti (draw pictures on your friends profile, what more do you want!)

    Facebook has finally destroyed MySpace, now MySpace is working their pants off to integrate the features Facebook has had since day one. An interesting time for the biggest social media communities.

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