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    After watching the presentation Apple did for iAd I do think it will be a game changer for mobile marketing precisely by the reason Steve Jobs laid out – ads should not take a user away from app and iAd will do a job to expose an ad within an app.

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    Good piece, Michael. I think it’s important to keep in mind the type of mobile device the consumer is using. Not all consumers have smartphones or phones equipped with mobile web. Check out these additional mobile marketing insights: http://lunchpail.knotice.com/2010/05/05/a-mobile-marketing-starting-place/

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    Good stuff here. If you’re interested in the SMS side of mobile marketing we put together a guide a few months back entitled, appropriately, ‘Mobile Marketing With Text Messaging.’ It goes into greater depth on this one aspect of mobile marketing, with careful attention paid to the mentioned issue of push vs. pull.

    Check it out in HTML or PDF for printing @ http://www.eztexting.com/mobile-marketing-with-text-messaging.html

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    iAd does look VERY impressive & this is coming from someone that is not an Apple fan while I hope that the FTC allows the AdMob purchase for Google to have a proper alternative.

    You also hit the nail on the head that its imperative for sales that purchases are done easily & seamlessly within the app itself if at all possible.

    @CB711 & @JoshEzt

    You are correct as this was tailored more for the growing smartphone market which is why SMS/MMS is still an effective, if done intelligently, mobile marketing technique that applies to all phones.

    ,Michael Martin