• http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Good stuff, Greg. However, isn’t giving discounts to the folks most likely to buy from you a margin destroyer? In traditional direct response marketing promos are used to tip the balance for folks on the fence. Conditioning folks who are already raving fans to use a coupon might be counter-productive. Am I missing something?

  • Greg Finn

    George, it can be. However there are a few reasons why it can still help. Not all of the value given have to be monetary. The k2 example shows leaked information rather than offering a discount. Also, by having a user like your page, you will have many many more touchpoints where you can send out your message in the future. I really think of Facebook pages as “RSS for the lazy” and have seen some great results with Facebook ecommerce promotions, but you have to have followers!