• http://www.thenerdblurb.com Jeremiah

    Great post Daniel, boy am I happy I stumbled on to this website too! Wow it’s full of just GREAT SEO info! I have to admit I am a first timer! I have been trying to add “tracking code” for just about “everything” to google analytics and I’ve been trying to add it lately for “multiple campaign’s” that I have inside google adwords (not just different campaigns but also different “ad groups” – what would you suggest or what post could you point me to on here where it would show me how to do something like this Dan? Thanks again for a great post and some GREAT references to integrating feedburner as well!

    Anyway, with that said, the article was absolutely superb and a great “How-To” to say the least… GJ Dan again!

  • http://twitter.com/ceosammassey CEO Sam Massey

    Great advice here Daniel. I was trying to integrate the two forever! So I’m going to use this right now.. Have you ever bought youtube views Daniel. I heard it really helps. :)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JRHVOGAQQ53ZZ42HMGCKMWQLZY Corporate Event Entertainment

    Great article, though a little over my head. I’ll be checking out your other articles so I can get up to speed!