• http://www.facebook.com/mgpritchard Matt Pritchard

    Good article, Stoney. It’s a nice nice recap of some fundamental checkout optimization strategies. You make one point that I would question: that conversion declines as the number of steps increases. I think conversion declines can be correlated to increased form fields in a checkout flow – the more data you require your customer to input, the more abandonment you will see. But I think the number of steps (pages) in which you collect those data points is less relevant. If I’m capturing 20 fields of data from a customer, I don’t think it necessarily matters if I do that in a single-page checkout flow or a multi-page checkout flow, assuming the later is within reason. A while back, I read some research (sorry, no reference) that some customers preferred a multi-step approach, because they felt it did a better job guiding them through the transaction. Other customers were indifferent. I think the key is optimizing total data points being captured, more so than the number of steps used to capture that data.