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    There is something worse than localize without performing SEO, and that is localizing for its own sake. The other day I stumbled on a new blog (www.seo-translator.com) and found the 3 Golden Rules to Evaluate Whether Site Translation Makes Economic Sense.
    As the author points out, localization can be often throwing away the money if there is not a market for such localization, if it is used to try to get traffic where there is none, or simply if such localization is not cost-effective.

    Overall, I cannot disagree with your statements, only that a basic business case should also consider whether the “making it available to the search engines” will bring in money in the first place. If not, why trying in the first place?

    As I have also worked in the translation business for many years (I started as a translator to pay for my studies in Computer Sciences), I must however point out that your SEO localization best practice is however not practical. If you perform the localization and SEO meta-content in parallel, you end up with conflicts and not with optimized content, as the localization itself should already consider local SEO. Assuming that the translator is not versed in search engine optimization, then the SEO Metacontent & tactical SEO should be performed afterwards by a SEO expert in the target language. But in parallel? Sorry, I disagree.