• http://www.facebook.com/ericmatthewdavis Eric M. Davis

    I love this infographic!

  • http://xenophrenia.blogspot.com/ X.P.

    Where’s Australia?

  • http://www.jobsblog.ie Ivan

    Interesting to see the twitter share of sharing dwarfing the rest…

  • http://www.fact-based-decisions.net/?cat=4&source=twitter Ric Ratkowski

    Interesting stuff! It would be interesting to understand personal use vs B2C, vs B2B, because I imagine acceptance/usage will be lumpy across industries/departments similar to how it is across countries

  • http://www.bikestylespokane.com Barb Chamberlain

    Interesting–different day of week/time of day pattern than the RT analysis and Facebook analysis done by Dan Zarrella, which looks at behavior in those platforms no matter where the content came from. I wonder what role the type of site that uses AddThis might play in when people read and share that content.

    A couple of relevant posts:

  • http://youlovatt.com Dom Lovatt

    Yes, it seems Australia is completely blocked out. Tough crowd.

  • daniel combs

    “People tend to share the most around 9:30 Eastern Time” – 9:30 PM or AM?