• http://www.digitalagencyexpert.com O.G.

    There appears to be a rather strange set of numbers in the infographic above…

    If we accept that 27m pieces of online content are shared daily
    greater than 1 in 5 social media messages have a content link – are we saying 5x27m = total number of messages sent that share content per day (looks low)…
    does this information perhaps not tell us so much about the size of the prize because, to use a data phrase, the dupes have been taken out, and we can multiply that 27m many times over – any perhaps it would be interesting to see what the top 5% of shared content by volume looks like as a total of shares…

    Just our morning musing…thanks searchengineland!

  • Lianne Lindeke

    and how do content via infographics affect SEO?

  • S.A.R.

    Surprise! It has ALWAYS been about content. You can optimize a site all you want, but it’s pointless if you’re just leading people to Dullsville. That could harm your brand more than a site no one visits.

  • http://www.bluelinemedia.co.uk Justin

    Good infographic. And l agree with S.A.R, always been about content.

    Content is king! Yes there are loads of ways to try and help your site up the Search Engine rankings but after all that you still need to have a site that contains content the user is searching for. Otherwise they’ll just click away from your site and go to the next one.