• http://www.freshegg.com timaldiss

    I love the phrase ‘inkbait’, but to my mind that’s much more about creative writing than infographics.

    Thanks for a good article though.

  • http://www.alliance-link.com Debra Mastaler

    @timaldiss Thanks for reading and your feedback. Since the comparison study was done on “ink” cartrdige companies, the title was written to showcase the subtle connection. :)

  • http://www.dragonsearchmarketing.com dragonsearchmarketing

    Great article, I love how the visual comparison really shows how much more effective Company A’s marketing strategy was.

  • StuartDraper

    I learned a ton from this. Because I spend so much time with PPC, I haven’t taken a whole lot of time to learn about linkbait.

  • cheeku

    Hi, i think that this link bait stuff is killing content on net every one is busy in link building while the content quality goes down, i have a games sites with puzzles and retro games , i have a large collection of best games, but i do not do any link building, so my site gets very few hits , while sites that indulge in link building but have poor content get good hits and make good money, we must discourage this and promote quality.