• donthe

    Nice article. Any stories on the integration of Feedburner with any Google products is welcome by those of us who use Feedburner to reach our subscribers.

    One point on Feedburner automatically tagging item URLs. They only tag the feed title and therefore that is the only link that is tracked, but any links within the feed story or footer do not get tracked.

    Google Analytics and Feedburner desperately need to integrate reporting.
    How many new subscribers did we get today?
    How many subscribers actually clicked on the verification email?
    How many did not click on the verification email? ( We have 30k subscribers but only 10k are receiving our weekly email, because the rest never received or never clicked on the verification email)

    Also, we run Google Adwords campaign with the goal of gaining new subscribers, however we have no way to analyze our success because there is no integration of reporting within Google Analytics.
    Why not automatically create a type of visitor called subscriber.

    There is so much more that can be done. It is a shame that Google has for the most part ignored Feedburner since they purchased it.