• http://triexpert.com TriExpert

    Maybe it’ll drive users to *really* understand, and control, their privacy settings. (And lobby the platform providers to offer better filters!)

    Else they’ll “vote with their feet.” Or so I prophesy.

  • painperdu

    I read something earlier here about how Yelp is trying to correct the “misunderstanding”, as the author put it, of how it accepted money in exchange for allowing the deletion of negative feedback. Misunderstanding? No, it is fraud! Plain and simple, and users know this. Yet, insiders are reluctant to call them on this?

    Yelp’s solution, to show how honest they want to be, is to in effect hide negative reviews in some obscure link.

    As Google gains more of a following to its Biz Local listings you can bet that sites like Yelp will melt away into internet obscurity. It’s just a matter of time.