• Josh Dreller

    Well said Siddarth. If you don’t use bid management tools, you have only one option, manual. If you use bid management tools, you have two options, automation AND manual. Knowing when and how to use either tactic lends itself to a higher level of optimization.

    I would never turn over my head terms to a bid automation tool.

  • http://www.cpcsearch.com Terry Whalen

    Hi Siddharth,

    I think you make a lot of good points differentiating between the general notion of automated bidding and the more specific scenarios of rules-based bidding and true portfolio-based bidding.

    AdWords is a great platform for testing, and so advertisers have the ability to test what works best for them. They can test bid algo’s against human bid optimization and see which seems to work best. In some cases it’s probably an algo, and in others it’s probably a human (even for large accounts with large keyword portfolios). In very few cases, it might be a rules-based bidding system.