• http://www.directresponse.net Dave

    Great advice Ross.

    A theme I pulled away from this article is comparing your links to stock. You buy in when the time is right and you find a profitable return. Although, these links have the ability to increase or decrease in value as time goes on.

    It’s important to also get out when your stock is worthless.

    I can see this as a very easy mistake to fall into. Doing a link audit from time to time would seem to be beneficial.

  • http://cproam.com John

    So theoretical. You should tell us how to build lifetime value links.

  • http://twitter.com/rosshudgens Ross Hudgens

    Hey John, the post details how to determine if a link has strong lifetime link value. I couldn’t write a 4000 word article here – if you want more detail, there are several specific ways you can find links around the specific links I say are lifetime links in this post. The important takeaway is the concept you can apply to link valuation – not how to build the links themselves.

    And Dave, I agree. I like using Yahoo! Site Explorer to constantly monitor the # of links I have. If it’s trending downward too much, I know I did a bad job of getting links with high LLV.

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    Really great post! Had completely forgotten about Majestic link history tools!