• Lia Chaves Fernando

    Bingo on “human behavior forces algorithm updates”… because we’ve abused meta tags, link farms, article submissions, even guest blogging in the past, algorithms have no choice but to change, and whatever else we will do too much of now and in the future, will also enforce more changes… I think content creation (different, authentic, truly valuable, and in the right context) is the only key, and all the rest will naturally follow — links, rankings, traffic, reputation, engagement, conversions and audience loyalty.

  • athena_catedral

    Being an expert vs. being random, links as the result vs. the goal, being vs. looking natural… Eric’s one-liner takeaways definitely hit home.

  • sharithurow

    Hi Lia-

    Yes, I liked that statement, too. Overzealous search professionals actually make SEO implementation more difficult for the rest of the world, not easier.

    I think a large part of the problem is having too much of a technocentric approach. Searcher goals and behaviors have been ranking factors for many, many years. Why don’t SEOs consider THOSE human behaviors as part of their optimization process?

    I optimize websites for people who use search engines, not for search engines only.

  • Sarah Mackenzie

    Preach it Shari! Superb commentary, thank you.

  • sharithurow

    Hi Athena-

    I’m a fan of Eric Enge’s writings and presentations. He had me hooked at his first point: “Be an expert or go home.”

    Matt Cutts posted a video about popularity vs. authority here:


    The problem with Google and Google+? Experts have to want to participate in Google+ and to publish search-engine friendly content. In my experience, true experts have more important things to do than participate in social media….they are too busy doing the work and research to be experts, and also maintaining/growing their expertise.

  • http://www.it-sales-leads.com/ Barbara Mckinney

    Competition in the online world is getting tougher. Some of the old school SEO strategies may not that effective as before but they are still important. Knowing that we have so many competitors out there aiming to be on top of the search ranking, creating and sharing relevant content will help you stand out from the crowd.

  • http://www.webdesignandcompany.com/ David Kley

    Love the numbered list, really makes sense. Basically, be natural, and realistic. It really is hard to fake being authentic. Excellent one liners. Will be sharing on G+