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    Matt, I think you deserve the Best Blog Post of the Year Award – GREAT JOB! Please update the post once you have the Bing data, we’re all stoked about the graphs from Google and Yahoo! Keep up the great work!

    Next, you’ll have to do stat counts on YouTube videos maybe dig into what percentage of reports were strictly SEO’s trying to get traffic and what percent were unique stories.

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    You had mention all the search engine details with their traffice graphs which is relly helpful to know for all of us that seach traffice can even increae like this.

    Its really cool



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    Hi Matt – I think it there is no surprise that Bing/MSN/Live.com did not have anything news related as fast…that is typical for them…

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    Great stuff, we (the readers) are very lucky that you had the opportunity to get all of these inside perspectives. I always like the mental image of war-room like meetings at major tech companies. I picture a lot of red flashing lights and smoke :-) MJ’s impact on the world was stunning and he will be missed.

    I wrote up a timeline of the events on SEOmoz that is a good supplement to this post. Not going to link to it as I wrote it and I think that is in bad taste but I was very interesting to see you write about the same story from a different perspective.


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    ah, i now see why there is a captcha warning on my first google search of the day.

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    until now, many are still uploading about tributes of Michael. Many are interested to know Michael’s life. even in iTunes Michael got back in the charts.

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    Thanks for the post Matt, its lovely really.

  • ralphm

    Nice article and graphs. I’d just like to mention the number of YouTube searches and additional hits to his already 25 million view videos must have soared. My wife spent all day watching his videos.

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    Nice job putting this all together Matt, it’s a rare event and there’s been so many things learned from it. I wonder if media and search engine co’s think they could be better prepared and then I wonder will we have an event of this magnitude occurring again anytime soon?

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    I just read the post and it’s a very nice post, shows how the most popular search engines handle these events, pretty interesting. Thanks!

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    I think it’s interesting that Yahoo became both a distributor and a reporter.

    Might Yahoo have an interest in providing the news data and not just posting news provided to yahoo?

    I’m wondering why they thought to go to the hospital and actually report on the crowds.

    Yahoo has 2 letters at the end just like CNN so why not?