• Mike E. Delta

    Yeah, if they weren’t worried, they really wouldn’t need to say anything…truly Google is most definitely on the right path to become the next Microsoft lol =p

  • Chris Koszo

    It don’t like to admit, but Google is light years ahead of Bing. Even the littlest things such as the fonts are irritating on Bing. Why do you think they chose Google’s font and layout for the Bing it on challenge?

    Not to mention the results.. Bing seems to be great for pop culture and U.S.-based news searches (which are the only things that are part of the suggested keyphrases in the challenge, hint hint), but Bing is absolutely garbage for anything long tail, or non-U.S., or technical searches.

    Google even does a pretty good job at delivering results in the same tone, reading level, and complexity that a searcher is looking for. This is what Bing is the worst at..

    For example, (and this is not a rigged search, this is literally the first thing that came to mind as I was writing this and thinking of a technical, international, long-tail search query). So last year I was in Budapest, Hungary and remarked to my friends that there seemed to be a ton of obvious drug use and drug-pushing going on at this nightclub that we happened to be at, called Studio. I figured a search for “budapest studio club drugs” should be a pretty good starting point if someone in the U.S. wanted to find out what exactly was going on there if they had similar experiences.

    Needless to say, Google delivers abundantly for the abovementioned search, with links to specific forum posts with many tourists mentioning the drug use, reviews on travel sites that mention tips on how to be safe and not get caught etc, and even a newspaper article about a drug bust at the club. Now.. Looking at Bing, there is absolutely nothing of value in the results. The first result is a travel agencies index page with not one mention of the word “drug”, the second result is the nightclubs official facebook homepage, the third is a trip advisor page for the club which seems promising, but once again not one mention of what I was looking for. Same for the entire first page.

    The above is just a quick and dirty example, but it’s a practical one. Do the search yourself on Google and look at the first 4 results, then do the same on Bing.

  • http://www.samharries.com/ Sam Harries

    Bing are getting better, but I still chose Google in every result. Whats worse is that it hides the knowledge graph results, which make Google even more attractive to general users.

  • Durant Imboden

    Bing needs two things more than it needs an advertising campaign:

    1) To achieve parity with Google (or better).

    2) To offer a “unique selling proposition.” This could be a killer feature for everyday search that Google lacks (maybe an easy, any-user-can-do-it way to filter out commercial or informational searches?) or perhaps something as basic as a simple, uncluttered search experience now that Google is committed to Universal Search.

  • treb072410

    Thanks for sharing.. Bing is getting better but Google is still the best!…

  • patti livernash

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