• http://www.StaminaMusic.com/ Aaron KRONiS

    Well at least you’re skating to a puck and not wearing tights chasing some pointy object. Great post mike… :)

  • Michael Martin


    I didn’t know tights were worn during Curling ;)

  • george phillip

    Solid write up on app seo. I don’t think mobile app api will take over as a ranking factor in the next 12 months but maybe long term

  • http://www.mobilemartin.com/ Michael Martin


    I agree that apps and APIs wont simply go away anytime soon, but I do feel we already hit the crescendo (more so with apps) as the exuberance to create an app for anything and everything has already shown to be fools gold.

    I also love that you went Android first ;), it actually is the smarter way to go now as test-bed than the other way around.

  • Swayam Robert

    thanks Amazing post!

    I liked how neatly you described how tags and categories are supposed to be used by SEO experts.