• http://techfiles.wallacekanney.com caterbie

    I have been reading more and more on link building and I myself am fairly new to SEO. I understand the idea of link building by having great content that people will want to show others and therefore link back to you. But starting out how do you build links without it being unscrupulous? When I see ‘companies’ who want to charge me for link building most of them seem like they pick random blogs or articles to post tiny blurbs on to raise your rankings with search engines.

    How do you start? Do you write quality content then start link building or do you plan your link building before you content is fully fleshed out? SEO can sometimes be a confusing business practice.

  • Dave Smythe

    TLDNR version: Link building is hard work.

    For many small businesses it’s extremely time consuming and
    can be confusing as to how to go about it.

    Problem also lies in how does one create “great” content if
    you’re a roofer? You can only talk about roofing joints in only a couple ways.

    Thresholds – a business may only need a handful of links to
    rank well, some may take hundreds depending on the amount of competition.

    In a recent test I was able to get a new landing page to
    rank in the top 5 in a 20 million SERP count. How? 2 external blog posts (low PR) using anchor text, and a couple of backpage posts. Point being that I think overall thresholds are getting lower across many verticals.

  • TomSchmitz

    This is an excellent question. Which comes first can be
    confusing. It’s a little like the chicken and the egg. In your situation it
    sounds like you have not begun creating content. Get going on that. Get in the habit of publishing on a regular basis. Create an editorial calendar and stick to it.

    Select your overall theme and target audience. Before I tell you
    how to select a theme, keep in mind you don’t have to nail this right out of
    the gate. You can make changes, course corrections and pivot.

    You probably want to include your sales target market, but get
    broader. What topics will appeal to your customers, prospects, peers, industry experts and beyond. What conferences do you attend or exhibit at? What are the themes and sessions at these events? That’s the type of stuff to write about.

    Now think about link building. Who else writes about this stuff?
    Who speaks at conferences? These are great people to begin building three-dimensional relationships with.