• http://europeforvisitors.com Durant Imboden

    Anything that improves the accuracy of Google Webmaster Tools is a good thing. Now, if only Google would fix GWT’s inaccurate “Links to your site” data!

  • Eduardo Castelã

    I really appreciate this modification. It will be much easier to update our website and all our backlinks will be considered from now on. We have several links to the term tradução simultânea (or simultaneous interpretation in Portuguese) but they are all spread in the www and non-www versions. It was an error in the beginning of our project but now Google is fixing it for us. I’m really very happy with it and I hope soon to see the good result in our website.

  • P.G.

    I believe Google considers upto 2 sub domains as independent websites, and hence the link weights would be in line with what you would get from any other external website (given the PageRank etc etc)

    Anything more than 2, and i think Google simply ignores back links from there on…

    I am not certain, but pretty sure that I heard this from a Google guy on one of their official channels.

  • http://www.sohailtech.com sohailamir

    This is a great thing for Google to be doing! They should have implemented this earlier.

  • http://www.satvadesign.com SDS

    I have this typical question here..

    I have this site.. http://www.satvadesign.com

    so as per your article, my blog http://blog.satvadesign.com will be considered as part of my domain or the root directory which technically it always is?
    so does it mean google has made this changes to make sure that what mistake they used to do by judging subdomains seperate from main domain will be corrected after their this efforts?
    i am little confused over here, can you please explain..

  • http://www.cnet.com Simon Serrano

    I’m interested in how they’ll treat sites like wordpress.com, blogger.com, tublr.com, etc … will links to/from those sub-domains now be weighted differently?