• sierra

    While the nefarious interpretation is clearly unwarranted, thresholding pages by size is stupid. If a page has over 1,000 comments, it indicates some level of popularity, engagement, and relevance. Distinguishing the core content from the comments is trivial. Why doesn’t Google perform this simple analysis?

  • todderchek

    Thanks, Danny. I don’t believe there is necessarily a conspiracy, but there are two other components to the story for which I haven’t heard a reasonable explanation. Until Thursday, Google search engine autosuggested “climategate” when the first few letters were typed, which disappeared around friday. It is now back on, though only after typing “climateg”, whereas before “clim” was enough to provoke the suggestion. In a similar vein, YouTube (owned by Google) autosuggested “hide the decline”, a popular video mocking climate scientists involved in the scandal until about the same time. It was also removed from the most viewed picks, even though at the time it had over 200,000 viewss in two days and the views beat the socks off of other videos listed.

  • tzwjwc

    Nice explanation, but let’s be reasonable. The ‘Climax Blues Band’ is autosuggested and Climategate is not. Cynic or not, that doesn’t pass the common sense test. Something is up.

  • http://painlord2k painlord2k

    I agree with the article, Google in probably innocent.
    You could find “climategate” auto-suggested in Google, with different languages set.
    But not England.
    As we don’t know the algorithms used to compute the auto-suggests, the ranking and so, it is entirely probable that “climategate” was dropped from the autosuggest in UK and lesser than this in US because it went from no exist to very popular in few hours/days. This, probably, raised a red flag somewhere, that dropped the word from a few places. The effect appear to be more marked in UK, where they use “climategate” more than in US where they gave it other names also. In Japan it was suggested, like in Italy.
    If they wanted to censure “climategate” they would have censured it everywhere, not only in UK and partially in US.
    Anyway, “never blame evil when incompetence can be a reason”.

  • kukahat

    comedy time of the day:
    maybe it was Hitler behind global warming? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGdbHW9Nlds