• http://www.morrowtech.co.uk/jon-wade Jon Wade

    Do you know if this was a global update or was it just the USA sites that were affected last week? I got caught up in the 2nd wave that came in April, so curious to know if Panda 2.2 has failed to help or if I should just hold tight for a little longer.

  • http://www.solopaseo.com Pedro Serrano

    Could you confirm us if the Panda Update 2.2 includes the others deployments of the algo update?. I mean:
    * Panda Update 1.0: Feb. 24, 2011
    * Panda Update 2.0: April 11, 2011 (about 7 weeks later)
    * Panda Update 2.1: May 10, 2011 (about 4 weeks later)

    And, are you sure that G deployed around June 16th? In our sites (EMEA) we experienced some “movements” on June 14th.

  • http://www.seroundtable.com/ Barry Schwartz

    @Pedro, I have asked Google to confirm the exact date, but they have not done so.

    @Jon, Panda has not yet been released to non-English language portals. I assume this was not just USA but rather all places that have the Panda update as of now. So all English language Google search engines.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com A.P.

    AndroidPolice.com got hit hard by this update for the first time. 50% search engine traffic drop as of June 20th.

    I opened up a ticket here: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Webmasters/thread?fid=6cb33383ef0962580004a63f07b34cb2&hl=en.

    Come on, Google, this was supposed to help push down numerous content farms, not the other way around.

  • http://bergholt.net/gastronomi Kasper Bergholt

    Any ideas as to when Panda will hit non-English sites? I’m particularly intered in Denmark.

  • Jeffree K Lassitter

    C’mon … it’s “have run an update”, NOT “have ran an update” WTF. But it could have been “ran” without the “have” … really, it’s just English …

  • http://www.seroundtable.com/ Barry Schwartz

    @kasper, we do not know.

    @Jeffree, sorry, fixed.

  • http://facebook.com/parkyeeun Anne Park


    Concerning the new Panda Update 2.2, when I search for a specific LG TV model (let’s say, LG 47LD450), the search engine only displays results from vendors such as Amazon, BestBuy and eBay. Why was the entire LG site obliterated from the first 3 pages of the search results? I understand that the Panda Update is to serve the users better by improving scraper detection. Yet, I’m not sure why the the search engine would not display the LG website when I search for a LG TV. How does this represent an improvement? Before the update, the LG TV site was presented.

    I would appreciate any help/advice you can give me.

    Thank you very much!


  • justguy

    Yup – 2.2 hit and yet another drop in traffic – following drops with all previous Panda changes.

    So much for investing 6 figures in journalist content, never scraping other content, writing sites for end-users and not SEs, avoiding spammy landin pages, never buying links, writing clean and fast code …. hmm …

    And today, to cap it all off, a spam site taking just my RSS news feed ranks higher for most long-tail keywords than I do – and I wrote the darn material (even with source attribution tags) .. grrr

  • http://bg-info.info Hristo Iliev

    @Jon, Panda has not yet been released to non-English language portals. I assume this was not just USA but rather all places that have the Panda update as of now. So all English language Google search engines.

    This is not true.
    This is in Bulgaria.
    Look here

    There are many, but not to count them.

  • http://padmamobile.com kurnia lim

    Everytime Panda update, the next day my visitor drop 20-30%, but after 3days it’s normal again, the visitor’s back and even more 20-30%, I noticed this with 2 blog I have, I saw got 20% drop at 17, 30% drop at 18, but start 19 till now, my visitor even increase 20%. Any1 got any idea? I mean why panda slap for 2 days? or it’s just google dance? I don’t have good quality content tho, but it’s not autoblog, it’s manual. Thx

  • StuartC

    We are really feeling the effects from the recent Panda 2.2 update. Our traffic has dropped over 50 percent since June 16th. We were reaching over 70 000 daily views, and now we are down to 34 000 daily views. We run a seasoned website that has been around since 2008 and now we are in the dumps. At this rate our website will be down to 20 000 daily visitors within a few weeks or months. We aren’t even ranking for words that we previously ranking number 1 for. This has just added a load of stress to my life. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • http://www.WorkWithVincent.com Vincent J. Cameron

    thanks for the article Barry, I would say the panda update isn’t just about sites who have duplicate content its more about organization and the users “feel” of your content. If you have relevant quality well organized content that others want to “share” its what the big G wants to see.

    I do agree that those scrapping the internet and just content stuffing should be the ones effected the most with this update but for those of us who have been providing quality well organized content that is relevant to our industries will have a positive impact on our rankings in the SERPS.

  • http://wellbeing-support.com WBS

    Around 1st August All my SERP drop down for even more than 60% My main keyword went to omitted :). On 3th August on some minor update my site gets +1 on Page Rank but SERP satyed deep under ground. WTF is going on?