• http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    it appears that 12 doesnt always show up. I’ve tried some brands and only gotten 6 site links (here in dallas). Brand searches like chickenexpress, dicks sporting goods, and gamerstube all showed 6 sitelinks. the moment the TLD is added to the query more sitelinks pop in (between 8-12 total)

    so chickenexpress = 6 sitelinks + local listing
    and chickene.com = 9 sitelinks + local listings

    dickssportinggoods = 6 sitelinks + search box
    dickssportinggoods.com = 10 sitelinks + search box

    gamerstube = 6 sitelinks
    gamerstube.com = 12 sitelinks

    my guess is number of sitelinks is based on volume + intent. it’s fairly obvious that someone searching for youtube.com on google wants something on that website and makes sense to show more. likewise searchengineland gets more volume than chickenexpress (according to adwords external keyword tool)

    this is a great way to reward brands for pushing offline and display marketing.

  • Michael Roberts

    I took a quick look at Google searching for the full URL of four of the sites I work on… Looking at our two biggest sites: Our biggest/oldest site with the largest volume of traffic has 10, our second biggest/second oldest has 12. Then looking at two of our smallest sites: the older one has 7 and the younger one (which has been live maybe 3 months now) has 9. Seems a very odd range.

  • http://www.phillgeorge.me george phillip

    I am currently investigating how this affects Australian search results. I ran a few queries with and without TLD and noticed not much difference in the result.

  • http://twitter.com/digideth B. Moore

    More and bigger Sitelinks is good BUT I am still very annoyed and aggravated by this.

    Why you ask?

    Google will not let me change them or even display them in Webmaster Tools.

  • A.T.

    While I somewhat understand the frustration with not being able to control the sitelinks, I can’t help but think that webmasters should chill out a little bit. The links are massive and take up the vast majority of the SERP above the fold, and I’m guessing Google is doing analysis on their side to determine which links to show. Just sit back and enjoy the traffic.

  • http://www.wsisearchresults.net Jamshaid Hashmi

    Thank you for sharing. I am also getting varied results in terms of the number of links. This certainly affects aspects of Brand Reputation Management as now more realestate above the fold is dedicated to site page.

    Also, having compelling SEO Title Tags will play an even more vital role on interior pages, and you can use the analytics to determine fluctuations in bounce rates.

    Back to the lab :)

  • http://www.wsibusinessmarketing.co.uk Matt Chandler

    Interesting… I just checked my own company’s listing and sure enough it’s now showing the full 12 pack.

  • http://drumtrip.co.uk R Law

    Very mixed feelings on this, yes I enjoy having a larger portion of the search page, but;
    – Cant amend these in web master tools
    – It seems to randomly ignore title tags
    – Totally ignores meta descriptions which is terrible as I know I get a small snippet of text which makes no sense unless you read the full sentence.
    – And I just think it looks really ugly.

    Im kind of irritated that Google preach so much about titie tags and meta descriptions, I go through all the hard work of making them perfect; and then they totally ignore them and choose their own.

  • http://www.clocktowermedia.com Andrew Jenkins

    I definitely agree that this looks a little funky, but this is what I call “Job Security!” SE’s are constantly changing and updating the way they serve results, and I can pretty much guarantee that’s never going to change. I think it’s in an SEO’s best interest to keep that in mind…

    Here’s my take away (shun me if you will)…I think we’re moving closer and closer to an era where each page within a site will require excellent “content” aaaaaaaannnnndd “design.” What do I mean? If Google’s going to open up my entrance pages, I better make sure each entrance page is ready for increased traffic.

  • http://www.saverscene.com Gav

    It looks as if they may have dropped it to 6 links now. I’ve tried it for

    Nike, Tesco, Currys, PCWorld, BMW, BBC, CNN. and numerous others, they’ve all gone from 12 Sitelinks down to 6 + 1 main link.


  • http://turbotax.intuit.com Mandy Ison

    Same for TurboTax, Quicken, Intuit, Quickbooks, etc. Might this be due to the click through rates on the links and reducing them to most useful/used?

  • Will Daniels