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    good post. I have to admit I prefer to use one or the other, but it makes sense to try and get both in if you can avoid looking spammy.

  • http://chrishornak.com chornak

    This is some good insight but I have a big problem with using the same word twice in the title tag. You have very little room to fit words and using the same word twice just seems like a waste of space.

    Instead of;

    Disney Vacations – Find A Discount Disney Vacation Online

    I might do something like this;

    Walt Disney Vacations – Find A Discount Vacation Package Online

    This way it has more keywords; *walt +packages and it is still within the ideal 65 characters.

  • http://kkhobbies.blogspot.com/ raju

    But as Per My concern I give Keywords and Titles One at The Same.

    Washington DC corporate

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    I have to agree with chornak. I avoid using duplicate keywords in the Title tag when ever there is a good alternative like…

    SEO Consultants: John Smith SEO Consultant
    SEO Consultants: John Smith Search Engine Optimization Consultant

    Disney Vacations – Planning a Discount Disney Vacation
    Disney Vacations – Planning an Orlando Florida Vacation

    Disney Vacations – Find A Discount Disney Vacation Online
    Disney Vacations – Find a Orlando, FL Vacation Online

  • http://www.realicity.com Realicity in Minnesota

    Oops. Should have made that last one…

    Disney Vacations – Find an Orlando, FL Vacation Online

  • http://www.wsisearchresults.com/ paddy26

    Hi Michael,

    A gr8 post, this is something that I had overlooked inspite of being in the SEO business for more than 3 years. It really comes to show that how important the basics are. Infact, these are some aspects that every new comer to SEO should be made to realize. Thanks for the post, would look forward to more such informative posts from you.

  • http://souravsharma.com/blog/ srvwiz

    Hi Gray,

    I liked your post. But I have a question for you. Let’s take an example from Travel Industry. As you know..this industry is so competitive and there are so many keywords to target. For a Home Page, If I am putting a title like

    Cheap Airfare, Hotels, Car Rental, Vacations, Cruises – Brand Name – will that work…

    The base of the question was if we add 3-4 keywords keeping the character limit within 70 – will the title still look spammy…..