• gandalf94305

    Manual keyword assignment for a large-scale website? You must be kidding to make the a real recommendation… I know it is the way how people do it today, however, I would have had expected a bit more innovation from a posting here.

    The only way you can really manage SEO in a large-scale website that may even have significant dynamic parts is by support of automatic entity extraction and automatic assignment using a recommendation engine. There may be few manual optimizations as you need them, but in comparison to the volume of pages, this would be a smaller fraction.

    Manual approaches fail because you won’t be able to easily find all keyword candidates in the first place. Then, assigning the keywords in a consistent manner and accomodating constant changes to pages and contents is the second challenge. Third, large-scale changes because of new campaigns or newly discoverey hype topics won’t be easy to apply.

  • Red_Mud_Rookie

    It’s a good idea to introduce multiple combinations for the formulaic approach to titles and descriptions.
    If every page is:

    Earth’s Biggest Selection of {subcategory name} {category name}. Amazon.com strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find anything they might want to buy online at the lowest possible prices.

    …then it’s more likely to start looking like duplicate content. The reason I think this is worth a mention is that on page content done in this manner WILL get downgraded by Google – I have seen it happen.