• http://ninebyblue.com/ Vanessa Fox

    I think the key here isn’t that a lot of fans or visits are signals that Google uses, but that fans and visits result when audiences like a site. Because it’s a site that provides great information, a great user experience, etc. So, focus on making your site be that.

  • http://www.manta.com drneville

    You may have accounted for this (?), but February has ~10% fewer days than January– so you’d expect about that drop in absolute visitors month-over-month regardless. The fact that eHow & wikiHow only dropped 4% & 9% respectively means that their daily traffic was actually increasing– consistent with the “other sources”.

    I don’t think this affects your comparisons among the sites.

  • http://www.stonetemple.com Eric Enge

    I agree with what Vanessa says. Hopefully, what comes across in this column is a need to focus on building good sites for users, and not to worry about specific signals. Part of what I am trying to get across is that the number of signals Google has has grown dramatically.

    You should use the signals I mention above as ways to measure the user experience you offer rather than thinking of them as a way to manipulate search results. If you provide a great user experience the search results will follow. Of course, any publisher is concerned about search engine traffic, so to me it is reassuring to know that Google is now focusing specifically on user experience.

    drneville – thanks for adding that note on the “volume” of February days, I should have noted that in the column! Yes, that does clarify that wikiHow and eHow were both slightly up on a prorata basis.