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    Jordan, thanks for writing a great guide that can serve as a resource for anyone in the industry. You’re awesome.

  • http://www.jordankasteler.com/ Jordan Kasteler

    Thanks, Michael! Much appreciated :) And you’re awesome!

  • http://www.bloggertipsseotricks.com/ Mohammad Shadab

    I have a question. Let I am using 10 Blog bookmarking sites, and submitted each articles. Is it safe from penguin.

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    Really? Do you thumbs up every comment? I liked your post, but just to check, lets see. :)

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    thank for the article jordan. its true that many great contents are not shared well. i liked your point on point 7 and 2 – like minded community shares and using google+ shares effectively. keep it coming!

  • Janet Milano

    Thanks for this valuable information. These will certainly help seo guys to promote websites via social media.

  • http://twitter.com/ajohnsonseo Andrew Johnson

    Great tips, Jordan. I’d also add that building up a network of people who would want to share your stuff is important too. Leverage their social influence!

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    Great guide to use as a reference. It can help others to know about the varies channels. I think the key is to make sure you are always engaging and not just spamming and adding to communities and then when you share your articles, others will not mind and help you because you are not just promoting your own stuff.

  • http://www.jordankasteler.com/ Jordan Kasteler

    yep :)

  • http://www.jordankasteler.com/ Jordan Kasteler

    Every bookmarking site is looked at differently by Google. If they are all quality (i.e. spam-free) and relevant bookmarking sites then you’re fine, yes.

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    Love the way you promote and when I do this I always got some random great results. Nice! Thanks for sharing – Ferb

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    Agreed :)

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    I’ve been submitting content to social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon for a long time and a few months ago I wanted to test to see if it was really worth investing my time in. So for about two weeks I didn’t do any social bookmarking at all. If someone else shared it fine but I didn’t do anything on my own. After the two weeks I noticed that my blog posts were taking longer to get indexed than usual. Let’s say it usually took 1-2 days; now it was taking 2-3 or more. When I resumed social bookmarking sure enough the posts were indexed like before.

    Even truly great content needs a little help getting found. As the author of that content you want to get the ball rolling and start the sharing process!

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    Nice article Jordan.

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    no mention of reddit/r/seo ?

  • http://updatesoneducation.blogspot.com/ Leona

    Absolutely, I agree with your last point totally
    “If you’re afraid to post something on a social profile because it’s “not
    good enough,” you shouldn’t have written it in the first place.”
    People should not tweet same things over and over again, this makes them lose followers only.